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sheCodes is Cal Poly Pomona’s ACM-W chapter. We aim to create a community for underrepresented groups within Computer Science by advocating for them both on and off campus. We achieve this mission through our values:


sheCodes strives to have everyone feel that they are known and belong to our community. We advocate for inclusiveness for all students and allow everyone to be heard. sheCodes does this through our mentorship program and engaging in an inclusive community.


We strive to empower others through outreach in our Future Women Developers (FWD) Conference and annual STEAM fair. Our community fully believes that we should be supporting the next generation of engineers and equipping them with the tools and confidence.


sheCodes understands that there is always room to learn and grow more. Whether this is technologically, personally, or professionally—we believe that we must take any opportunity to grow in all dimensions. We do this through Semester-Long Projects (SLP) and hosting workshops aimed towards professional and personal growth. Check out some of the projects here!

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Summer with sheCodes

Through our events, we will be creating a virtual community in the comfort of your home! Join us for game nights, fitness and wellness events, and so much more. If you’d like to be part of this, join our mailing list by emailing us at We’re here to support you, your interests, and goals with open arms. We’re excited to meet you!

Fall 2021 Meeting Times

Join us Thursdays during U-hour (12pm-1pm) on Zoom! If you’d like to be part of this, join our mailing list or email us at

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Mentorship Program

The mentorship program matches members in the club with a mentor. The mentor helps the mentee with class selection, internship searches, moral support, academic advice, and generally becomes a much-needed, loving guide to achieving success as a woman in CS. If you’d like to get involved with this program (as a mentor or a mentee), please email us.

Future Women Developers (FWD) Conference

Once a year, sheCodes invites middle/high school women to participate in a day filled with interactive workshops and fun activities to expose them to computer science. The Future Women Developers (FWD) program gives young women a taste of the tremendous creativity and innovation involved in computer science, engineering, or career in science. It gives young women tangible ideas about how these fields can help change the world through practical projects. For more information, please visit the FWD site. If you’d like to get involved with FWD (as an leader or volunteer), please email us.

Semester-Long Projects

This is a great opportunity for participants to gain group experience outside of the classroom and to gain knowledge of a specified area of computer science. Mentors will have the opportunity to lead and to teach their own project to a group of 3–4 participants. SLP also includes workshops and a Demo Day!

Company Panels

sheCodes organizes tours to local tech companies for our paid members. These are great opportunities to learn more about companies and get insight on different fields within computer science and technology. Previosuly, we've visited: The Jet Propulsion Lab, Google, Qualcomm, Behr, etc. If you'd like to learn more or join us on these tours, please email us.
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Computer Science Student Resources

As a Computer Science major, there are specific classes one must take in order to graduate. Here is: List of Courses and the Roadmap. If you have questions regarding courses, the pledge, career, change of minor, etc. Please visit advising center.

All Resources

If you have questions regarding admissions, academic, campus life, etc. Please visit CPP resources.
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Alysia Wong
Nhi Nguyen
External Vice President
Stephanie De Leon
Internal Vice President
Emily Han
Mentorship Chair
Min Jung
Emily Perez
Public Relation Chair
Laura Siu
Social Chair /
Science Council Rep.
Allison Chen
Ben Steichen
Mohammad Husain
Daisy Tang