About Us

It is the goal of our advising staff to serve as the guiding link between your educational pursuits and the University's expectations, academic rigor, and campus life as you transition to the university.  Academic advising is far more than simply planning a schedule each term. It is the shared relationship between you and your advisor. We believe an empowered student is a successful student and are dedicated to promoting academic success by collaborating with you to:

  • Clarify career and life goals and create meaningful academic plans
  • Make appropriate course selections and engage in beneficial educational experiences in and out of the classroom
  • Explain academic policies and procedures and interpret the institution's requirements
  • Develop effective decision-making, goal setting and leadership skills to become lifelong independent learners
  • Become aware of all available resources that will enhance education experience
  • Evaluate progress toward completion of degree and established goals
  • Continually improve our services through regular assessment of student feedback

Undeclared (non-EOP) Students

EOP Undeclared Students