EOP Undeclared Students

Student Support and Equity Programs functions as the academic home for all students who enter the university as undeclared, with the primary responsibility and authority for the academic advising of its undeclared majors. The undeclared status offers the undecided student an opportunity to explore all of the university's programs while enrolling in foundational courses to prepare for the rigors of an academic major.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students who enter as an undeclared major participate in the Undeclared Student Program as well as EOP. Once the EOP undeclared student declares a major, however, they continue to receive supplemental academic advisement services and support as a participant in EOP.

First Year Experience for EOP Undeclared

Comprehensive Academic Advising Program

The Educational Opportunity Program's (EOP) First Year Experience is a yearlong program designed to assist the entering undeclared student with transitioning from high school to college. This program begins with the Follow Up Group Advising event for all undeclared EOP and continues on during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Activities include regular individual advising sessions with an assigned academic advisor, periodic contacts with our Peer Advising Interns, and completion of a wide variety of major/career exploration activities to better understand your own interests, strengths, values while exploring the various major/career options available to you at Cal Poly Pomona.

Academic advising is a meaningful and important partnership between the student and the academic advisor requiring full participation of both the student and the advisor. What you get out of this experience depends upon the time and effort you put into it. Here are some tips for Getting the Most Out of Advising!! 

Peer Advising Interns

Knowledgeable and caring upper division EOP students volunteer their time to provide all of our EOP students with additional support in our Peer Advising Center. These Peer Advising Interns are available for quick questions, to assist with understanding and completing advising activity worksheets, and to offer peer mentoring and guidance as you navigate through your college experience. The Peer Advising Center is located in building 94, room 120.

Major/Career Exploration Workshops 
In collaboration with the university's Career Center, EOP offers quarterly workshops designed to assist the entering undeclared student with exploring majors and careers to effectively declare a major by the end of the third quarter of attendance at Cal Poly Pomona.

How often do I see my academic advisor? 
EOP requires its undeclared majors to meet with their advisor a minimum of three times per academic quarter during the first year of attendance. These advising sessions should be spread out throughout the quarter to effectively monitor students' progress toward their academic and personal goals for each quarter. An advising session schedule is posted on the bulletin board each quarter. Some students may be asked to visit their advisors more frequently depending on specific needs of the students.

When must I declare a major? 
University policy states that undeclared majors must declare an academic major by the end of the third quarter in attendance at the university. Students may petition to change major curriculum sooner than this, but will still be expected to meet with an academic advisor a minimum of three times per quarter and continue to participate in the peer mentoring program as part of the first year experience.