Undeclared Students

Students admitted as Undeclared receive academic advisement through the Student Support and Equity Programs (SSEP) department. SSEP serves as the academic home for all undeclared students, with primary responsibility and authority for the academic advising and support of its undeclared population.

Assigned Academic Advisors work with undeclared students to assist them with their transition to college and exploration of majors and careers so that they successfully select and declare a major by the end of their first year in attendance. Students also receive assistance with course planning, registration, campus resource referrals, and major/career exploration activities.

The undeclared status offers the undecided student an opportunity to explore all of the university's programs while enrolling in foundational courses to prepare for the rigors of an academic major.

Getting the Most Out of Undeclared Advising

Academic advising is a meaningful and important partnership between the student and the academic advisor requiring full participation of both the student and the advisor. What you get out of this experience depends upon the time and effort you put into it. Here are some tips for Getting the Most Out of Advising!!

Declaring a Major

Before declaring a major, students should spend significant time exploring majors and careers, and discussing their interests with their academic advisor. Once a student is ready to declare, their academic advisor will explain the process and inform the student of any requirements that must be met in order to declare (e.g., attend a change of major meeting, complete specific course requirement, and submit the Change of Major petition to the Registrar's Office).

Undeclared students may declare a major earlier than their third quarter if eligible and depending upon the new major’s criteria for changing majors. Our Academic Advisors guide students through the process of declaring, informing them of any requirements their major of interest may have in order for them to make the change.

Once an undeclared student officially declares a major, academic advising will be provided through the new major department.

Change of Major Meetings

Some major departments require that students wishing to "change major" must first attend a "change of major" meeting before a Petition to Change Major Curriculum may be submitted to the department for consideration.

Currently, this is true for various options within the College of Business Administration, the Collins College of Hospitality Management, and the College of Environmental Design's Art Department.

Impacted Majors

While acceptance to all of our majors is competitive, some majors are extremely space-constrained and have a higher impaction level than other majors. Students wishing to “declare” or “change major” into one of these majors may have to fulfill specific requirements including GPA, course, and academic standing requirements before being considered for the major.

For more information on the change of major criteria/requirements for all other majors including impacted majors please go to Academic Programs.