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Assessments and Reports

Assessments and Reports


Assessment is an accountability tool to improve the quality of educational effectiveness and learning (Keeling et al., 2008).  Staff members in the Division of Student Affairs can assess the effectiveness of their programs, services, and events through a variety of methods. Student Affairs can easily do this through direct and indirect assessment methods.  Direct methods, such as rubrics, gather data through observation or artifacts requiring students to display their knowledge, behavior, or thought process (StudentVoice, 2010).  Indirect methods, such as questionnaires, ask participants to reflect upon or rate their knowledge, behavior, or thought process (StudentVoice, 2010).

Assessment methods include:

  • Web-based surveys
  • Pre-/Post-tests
  • Data collection through iPod Touches
  • Benchmarking with peer institutions
  • Participating in national surveys
  • Sharing best practices
  • Consulting with StudentVoice professionals to choose the right assessment method for your program, service, or event.

After a program, service, or event has been assessed, collected data should be analyzed and reported.  Using the information from assessment is most helpful when it is used to inform practice and improve the programs and services that support student learning.