Program Outcomes

Program/service outcomes are those which address functions and efficiencies. Investigations addressing needs, gaps, demands, satisfaction, and performance can assist in evaluating program and service outcomes.   

Satisfaction outcomes assessment: a satisfaction assessment helps identify the level of approval that students (or others) feel after experiencing a program or service. Satisfaction assessments seek to measure how well something is being done, and identify specific areas where improvements can be made.

Operational Outcomes Assessment: an operational assessment evaluates functions and efficiencies of the program or service that are not specifically addressing needs or satisfaction.

Needs Assessment: the purpose of a needs assessment serves to identify gaps between the current condition and the desired condition, with the goal of making improvements. It looks at what is missing. The desired condition is not always clear at the onset of a needs assessment, other than wanting to provide the best program or service possible. Through a needs assessment, the desired condition can be identified.