Student Affairs Assessment Team

Charge of the Committee

The Assessment Team (A-Team; formerly SADAC) of the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) leads and implements divisional assessment efforts and planning to foster the robust and long-standing culture of inquiry and evidence that exists in the division. This work strives for the continuous improvement of programs and services to meet the needs of our diverse student population and guide the division in providing tailored programs and services that meet those unique needs. This work contributes to the achievement of divisional Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), which align with University Learning Outcomes (ULOs).

A representative from each department in the division is assigned to the A-Team to ensure that all departments contribute to the direction the division takes in relation to assessment, research, and evaluation practices.

The A-Team ensures that all departments are informed about university and divisional directions set by our leadership. Team members are key in bridging the communication with all staff to: distribute information, gather feedback and input, and foster our divisional culture of inquiry and evidence. 

Team Members

Marisol Cardenas, Chair 
Educational Learning and Assessment Specialist
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

La’Keisha Beard
Senior Coordinator
Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers

Jami Grosser
Senior Coordinator
Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers

Araceli Guzman
Senior Coordinator, Residential Education and Leadership
University Housing Services

Carla Jackson
Health Educator
Student Health and Counseling Services

Jason Lu
Senior Coordinator
Orientation Services

Kevin Malone
Administrative Analyst
Student Health and Counseling Services

Adaly Reyes Martinez
Student Disability Services & Academic Support Coordinator
Disability Resource Center

Barny Peake
Director of the BSC Administration
Associated Students Incorporated

Antonio Quezada
Assistant Director
Student Conduct & Integrity

Celeste Salinas
Administrator in Charge
Children’s Center

Ginny Templeton
Operations Manager of the BRIC
Associated Students Incorporated

Scott Tsuji
Assistant Athletics Director, Student Services

Adeline Yoshioka
Information Technology Administrator
Student Affairs


The A-Team of the Division of Student Affairs reconvened in spring of 2017 after a transition period with divisional leadership. Prior to this, the committee was called the Student Affairs Divisional Assessment Committee (SADAC), which was established in the 2006-2007 academic year. SADAC led the division in the establishment of structured and robust assessment practices that included various tasks from developing divisional learning outcomes, selecting and procuring an assessment application, establishing a divisional collection and developing an assessment website to providing on-going training sessions for division staff to continue to build capacity.

SADAC laid the foundation and the efforts that generated the DSA’s robust culture of inquiry and evidence that has evolved over the last 10 years.

Past Chairs

Koji Uesugi, Student Support & Equity Programs

Dr. Catherine Schmitt-Whitaker, Disability Resource Center

Susan Ashe, Student Conduct & Integrity

Norma León, Student Support and Equity Programs