Mission, Vision & Values


Our Mission

The Division of Student Affairs creates environments of student success, respect and engagement that facilitate learning and growth within a culture of collaboration, assessment and innovation.

Our Vision

Engage Learners.

Build Community.

Transform Lives. 

Our Values

Student-Centered Philosophy: Our Student-Centered Philosophy is the underlying principle which affirms that students and their success are our driving force. We create environments conducive to student learning and graduation, serve as mentors and advocates for students, and create opportunities for students to develop as individuals and leaders.

Integrity: Integrity is honest and honorable behavior, where our decisions and actions are consistent with our values, beliefs and principles.

Interconnectedness: Interconnectedness exists when we are united with others in the university community in purpose and achievement of our goals. Our success comes from fostering relationships built on collaboration, open communication, trust and mutual respect.

Passion: Passion is a powerful, compelling emotion or feeling that inspires our action and gives meaning to our work. It is the energy and drive to push beyond the established possible to accomplish even greater results. 

Quality: Quality is the outcome achieved when we set a standard for excellence by providing first rate, value-added service and educational programs that exceed expectations.

Richness of Diversity: Richness of Diversity is the belief that differences in people and points-of-view are valuable. We embody this belief when we are inclusive, recognize our similarities, embrace our differences and through mutual respect, move beyond tolerance and acceptance to active support and advocacy.

Our Values History

Thank you for taking the time to review the Division of Student Affairs Mission, Vision, and Values.  Originally identified in 1996 and regularly revised by our employees, these principles represent the core understanding and beliefs for Student Affairs employees in our service to the campus community.  Through on-going conversations with our staff and faculty, we all have come together to select, define, and demonstrate how these values come to life in the university setting.  As a result, our words and actions are on display throughout this publication.

The values stated in this booklet represent both the expectations we have for one another as colleagues and that students should have in their interactions with us.  For that reason this booklet should be utilized to introduce potential new employees to our division to ensure that their personal values are tightly aligned with our expectations before they choose to work at the campus.  I also hope all employees will regularly review this publication and reflect on whether the decisions we make and the ways we serve the campus community demonstrate the stated values at their highest level. 

Go Broncos!

Dr. Lea M. Jarnagin
Vice President for Student Affairs
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona