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Green Space Certification

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The Go Green Committee has partnered with the PowerSave interns to bring the Green Space Certification Program to Student Affairs. Much like LEED's green building certification system, Green Space aims to increase office sustainability and recognize department efforts to lower their environmental impact. The process consists of five simple steps to become certified. These include: 1) Application, 2) Prerequisites, 3) Assessment Checklist, 4) Verification, and 5) Certification. The levels of certification are: Green, Silver, and Bronze with Green being the highest level of certification. In 2012-13 a goal was set to have 100% of departments within the Division of Student Affairs certified by the end of the fiscal year. This goal was successfully reached with the assistance of each department's Green Space delegate. The Green Space Platinum Certification was added in the Summer of 2012,providing offices with an opportunity to make additional changes to increase their sustainablity. The Platinum level is an optional process that is not required, but definitely encouraged for all offices! Departments are also reminded to familiarize all new staff members with our sustainability initiative by having them complete the Green Space pledge and quiz.

Green Delegate Resources

Certification Status

Admissions and Outreach Silver Certified
Associated Students Inc. Green Certified
Athletics Green Certified
Career Center Platinum Certified
Children's Center Green Certified
Counseling Services Green Certified
Dean of Students Green Certified
Disability Resource Center Green Certified
Enrollment Services Silver Certified
Judicial Affairs Green Certified
Office of Financial Aclass and Scholarships Platinum Certified
Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers Green Certified
Office of the Vice Presclassent of Student Affairs Green Certified
Orientation Services Silver Certified
Parking and Transportation Services Green Certified
Registrar's Office Green Certified
Student Affairs Information and Technology Services Bronze Certified
Student Health Services Green Certified
Student Support and Equity Programs Green Certified
University Police Green Certified
University Housing Services Green Certified