Sites and programs to help you reduce your carbon footprint at work and home.

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power save green campus

Cal Poly Pomona's PowerSave Campus

The Alliance to Save Energy’s PowerSave Campus empowers college students to be tomorrow’s energy efficiency leaders. Currently, 17 universities and colleges, employ over 75 interns each year. The program engages students in building pathways to green careers, realizing measurable energy savings, infusing energy and energy efficiency concepts into academic curricula, and promoting energy efficiency awareness. Power Save interns work closely with faculty, staff, administrators, and other students to engage the campus community in energy efficiency projects, including the Green Space Program.


Ideas for a More Sustainable Campus

Cal Poly Pomona is committed to creating a sustainable campus, and it can only be achieved when we all practice environmental stewardship. Staff are encouraged to share ideas and suggestions for ways to conserve energy and water, diminish solid waste, improve reuse and recycling efforts, reduce transportation greenhouse gas emissions on campus with Facilities Planning and Management.


Cal Poly Pomona Rideshare

Reduce your carbon footprint while reaping the benefits and rewards of ridesharing. Cal Poly Pomona staff who carpool, vanpool, ride a bike, walk, or take public transportation to work and enroll in the Rideshare Program, earn Bronco Bucks, receive parking reimbursement, and have a guaranteed ride home.


Electronic Waste Recycling

Cal Pol Pomona partners with eWaste Center Inc. to provide a convenient E-Waste recycling solution for the campus and local communities. The program is managed by the Environmental Health & Safety Department in cooperation with Facilities Management. Hundreds of thousands of computers, monitors, televisions and other electronic items are replaced in California every year. This “E-Waste” contains valuable materials and can be hazardous if not disposed of properly.

call 2 recycle

Rechargeable Battery and Cell Phone Recycling Locations

Cell phones and batteries are considered hazardous waste and must not be disposed of with regular trash. The Call2recycle website is a great resource to learn more. Visit their website at: and check out their Battery Drop Off Locator!



With more than 450 recycling centers throughout California, rePLANET provides a clean, safe, convenient and friendly location to recycle CRV containers.