Student Affairs IT - Software and Hardware

Asset Management is a process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing assets cost-effectively.  The process monitors and maintains both tangible assets such pcs, monitors, printers and servers as well as intangible items such as software applications.

Annually the Procurement Department requires the division to undertake two types of inventory audits. These are the following:  

  • Self-Certification Audit which contains items under $2500
  • Accountable Assets which contains items over $2500

Each report requires the signature of the department director.

Procurement requires that this take place for each account within the division. First, a report will be sent to your department of items that were purchased under your general fund account. The second round of these reports will be looking for items that were purchased with the divisional account (formerly SAITS) that is located in your department, this accounts for 90% of all PCs/laptops/monitors.

The IT Liaison performs a physical walkthrough to officially record where items are located in your department.