Student Affairs IT - Equipment Replacement

All requests for PC replacement or relocation are to be made by and copying the IT Liaison.

  • When a PC and/or monitor is replaced as part of regular maintenance the IT technical staff member is required to take back the existing computer equipment that is currently in use unless arrangements have been made with the Student Affairs IT Liaison.
  • Equipment replacement that is part of the annual DSA PC Inventory program must be swapped with another production workstation. Systems returned to Student Affairs are intended to be PCs that were currently in use by a staff member and not a "surplus" system. Traded-in PCs will either be transferred to Student Affairs or surveyed and removed from production depending upon the assessment of IT staff.
  • The IT Liaison will provide new employees (in existing positions) with the same or similar model of PC that was in use by the prior incumbent. Departments are requested to contact IT Liaison at least one week in advance to make arrangements for the setup of the workstation.
  • Equipment provided for these existing positions may be new or reconditioned depending upon the functional needs of the job and the availability of equipment in the DSA PC Inventory. New positions that did not previously have a workstation assigned are directed to follow guidelines for "New/Additional Equipment".