PGP Version Check

Checking the Version of PGP on your Computer

If you are a PGP user, please take the time to check your PGP version following this guide to ensure continued functionality.

Step-by-step to check PGP

  1. Login to PGP
  2. Enter your passphrase
  3. Expand the up arrow located near the time on your desktop and click on the PGP icon (a lock and key)
    rt_click_iconj.jpg - RightClickIcon - The Icon for PGP located in the desktop tray

  4. Right click the PGP icon and click on "Open PGP Desktop"
    Right Click Menu - Right Click Menu from Desktop Tray

  5. When PGP opens, click "Help" in the top menu and then "About PGP"
    About PGP -Drop down Menu in PGP

Your version number is located in this window. The most recent version is 10.2.0. If you do not have this version please contact so we can schedule an upgrade of your PGP software. If you have 10.2.0, there is no need for you to take any further action. If you have any questions, please call the Help Desk at extension 6776.

About Version - The version number highlighted