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Division of Student Affairs

Police Advisory Task Force

Police Advisory Task Force

Cal Poly Pomona has created a Police Advisory Task Force whose main objective is to provide guidance and recommendations related to community policing, and the composition of a police advisory board, which will strengthen the lines of communication with students, faculty, staff and leadership.

The Task Force will be asked to become familiar with University Police (UPD) policies, philosophies, training etc., and may be asked to conduct research, generate new ideas or solutions and provide informed recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Chief of Police on UPD’s operations, policies and practices. All members should strive to help identify and prioritize community needs and concerns and provide recommendations to enhance community partnership.

Campus law enforcement, in its approach to community policing, poises a unique combination of stakeholders and achieves different public safety roles when compared to municipal law enforcement. These important differences and the unique nature of policing in the 21st Century should be considered by the Task Force. 

Charge for 2020-2021

Task Force members will be charged with reviewing current practices, philosophies and framework, and provide recommendations in the following areas:
  • Campus community outreach and engagement efforts
  • Modes and mechanisms for communication to the campus community
  • Police officer training
  • Transparency
  • Advisory board role and composition

Goals for 2020-2021

  • Serve a representative advisory body to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Chief of Police to futher the University’s values of inclusion, community engagement, and social responsibility in its policies and communications.
  • Maintain a consistent partnership between the community and UPD (advisory board).
  • Participate in positive and open dialogue in response law enforcement related concerns and safety.
  • Educate and inform the community about best practices and inclusive approaches to law enforcement practices.

Meeting Agendas

Selection and Terms

The Task Force will include membership representing diverse campus stakeholders including students, faculty, and staff.  Ensuring the involvement of diverse voices among the Task Force membership brings more perspectives to the table and provides better dialogue. The Task Force membership will be inclusive of individuals from as many demographic categories and positionalities as possible.

For the first year October 2020 – May 2021, Task Force members will serve to recommend what/if an advisory board should exist and if so, what is the role and composition.


The Task Force will meet regularly during the academic year. The current team is comprised of the following members:

  • Dr. Gabriele Plickert, Academic Senate Representative and Faculty Advisor
  • Moriah Easley, Associated Students, Inc. Appointed Representative
  • Sarah Isabel Sharif, Undergraduate Student
  • Christian Joseph Ochoa, Undergraduate Student
  • Alan Joseph Pimentel, Undergraduate Student
  • Jeremy Christian-Blue Manning, Undergraduate Student
  • Alejandro Salinas, Undergraduate Student
  • Lina Luu, Undergraduate Student
  • Emma Lourdes Del Real, Undergraduate Student
  • Emily Ann Cooper, Undergraduate Student
  • Ronald Lira, Graduate Student
  • Julissa Guerrero, Alumni Representative
  • Dr. Jonathan Pettigrew, Director of Student Conduct and Integrity
  • Sergeant Devin Peck, Police Officer
  • Dr. Alejandro Covarrubias, Executive Director for Student Inclusion and Belonging, Chair

Administrative Support:

  • Elena Alemán

Additional Resources