Winner Reactions

Some Reactions from Previous Winners

It was one of my most rewarding moments as an employee of Cal Poly Pomona and a member of the Student Affairs Division to be recognized by my peers. The recognition of thanks conveyed by this award was deeply moving to me. It was quite exciting to share the honor with another award recipient that day. Whenever we see each other, we know that we shared a special moment that left a lasting impression on us both.

I have my award plaque prominently displayed in my office. It was a thrill to tell those close to me that I received this tribute. Such acknowledgment makes my job that much more satisfying.

I remember the afternoon I got the call from Vicki. She said she'd been trying to contact me since late the week before but we played phone tag. I thought it was just another call from one of the people in my cluster. Then she told me that I won the STAR award. I didn't even know I was nominated!! Of course, my reaction was JOY! I thought that Jim had nominated me, but at the TLG meeting, I realized as they read my "accomplishments" that it wasn't him -- that it was Rebecca Gutierrez Keeton and Jennifer Schufer for my work with BroncoFusion. I know I'm involved in a lot of things on campus, but I truly believe, it's my job to do what I do, and its fun to be involved. I don't expect extra recognition, but, after receiving the award, it was wonderful to be recognized. I was so embarrassed because I didn't realize that I had to give a mini-acceptance speech until I heard the person before me speak. See, I've never received an award like this before at all. I think I pulled it off, though!! It was very interesting to hear the many things that I did, that I didn't realize I do just going through my day. After hearing Gary read my rap-sheet, even I was impressed!

Then I got the call from Steve telling me to set up a 'photo-shoot' with Tom to put my picture in the BSC. That was very interesting! I saw my picture as I was carrying food in. That was SURPRISING to see MY picture hanging in such a prominent place

When I got the message from Dave with my boss standing next to him asking if I could attend the meeting, I thought Oh, boy, more work to do! They want me to take minutes, help with some other department's budget or something...But I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to find out I had won an award & that's the reason for attending the meeting.

It was very nice to receive this award even though it's REAL hard for me to accept praise for what I do here. The best part was having my name up in lights on not one but two marquees. How cool is that? I think my husband was more excited than I was. He couldn't wait to come over & take a picture of the marquee & pass it on to our friends & family in far away places