Division of Student Affairs

Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Goal one: Advance career readiness. This means to engage the campus community and external leaders in a process to transform career education to better prepare students for the future of work and human and civic engagement. Goal two: Foster Student Health and Wellbeing. This includes creating a caring environment where all students thrive. Goal three: Maximize Student Success. This means eliminating the equity gap by enhancing student access, inclusion, and belonging. Goal four: Create a Cohesive Co-Curricular Experience. This is to demonstrate the impact of a polytechnic co-curricular experience and services that support student services. Goal five: Cultivate Organizational Effectiveness. This means to ensure student success by strategically aligning divisional human, fiscal, and physical resources.


Student Affairs Leadership holds planning reatreat, developing a collection of draft themes

Division wide retreat to discuss S.W.O.T. Analysis Results and further develop Goals and Objectives

Environmental Scanning and analysis

Student Open Forums: Session One. Session Two.

Data collected and analyzed from various stakeholders, including campus Affinity GroupsAlumni Advisory Board, and Alumni

Survey data collected and analyzed from StudentsParents, and campus-wide Associate Vice Presidents

SPIT (Strategic Plan Implementation Team) is formed to gather and finalize all elements of the plan

Division wide Mission and Vision Workshop to develop a new mission and vision to guide our work

Strategic Plan finalized and released