Faculty Expectations for the Classroom

Suggested Faculty Expectations

Faculty should expect that:

  • Students show civility and human concern for each of those with whom they work and study while presenting a positive attitude and professional demeanor. This includes remaining alert (and awake!) in class, respecting and never interrupting others, limiting private conversations, and keeping phones and pagers off.
  • Students will arrive to class on time and contact the professor in advance if students must miss class.
  • In the event students do arrive late, faculty should expect students to take their seat quietly, not disrupting the class, and joining the class as soon as you students are able.
  • Students come to class prepared (just as students can expect faculty to come to class prepared) and ready to participate in that day’s discussion.
  • Students work with team/group members and obtain their input when working on group exercises and projects. Faculty should expect students to know when it is not appropriate to work with others and to ask instructor if there
    is any question about collaboration.
  • Students understand the classroom is a dynamic one, with disagreements, but with respect.
  • Students will be truthful and honest in all that they do. Work submitted by the student will meet the academic honesty standards of Cal Poly Pomona.
  • Students will appreciate the diversity of our campus and classroom, and respect the rights of each member.
  • Students will contact instructor with questions, concerns, or issues which need to be addressed.
  • Students will hold instructor to these same high standards.

Exclusion of Students from Classroom

1.      An instructor may at any time exclude from his or her course students who are disrupting the orderly conduct of the classroom or are a hazard to themselves or others.

2.      Upon excluding a student from a class, the instructor shall, within two academic days, inform the following individuals in writing of the reasons for exclusion from class and that the student has three academic days to file a protest with the instructor’s dean:

          a)      The instructor’s department chairperson
          b)      The instructor’s college dean
          c)      The student’s major department chairperson
          d)      The student’s major college dean
          e)      The student
          f)       Office of Student Conduct & Integrity

The student has three university academic days from the date of exclusion during which a formal protest may be lodged with the instructor’s college dean concerning the instructor’s decision. If the student desires to make such a protest, the college dean and department chairman will interview both the faculty member and the student(s) involved and the dean will make a final decision within three university academic days as to whether or not the student is to be allowed to return to class.

 3.  If the faculty member wishes to refer disciplinary charges against the student involved, the faculty member shall submit such charges in writing to the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity. However, it will still be necessary to go through the specified process.

(University Catalog)