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Registration: Planning Your Courses

Planning Your Courses

First things first — assemble your academic planning tools. (Click to view more)

Use these tools to figure out your course options for the upcoming term.

Get out your copy of your curriculum sheet — it tells you what courses you need to take to satisfy your degree.

If you have one, pull out your roadmap or flowchart — it tells you when you should be taking courses. 

Bring up the General Education course listing for any GE Areas you need to fulfill — this list ( quarters or semesters) gives you all of your options. Not all of the courses in a particular GE area will be offered every term. If you're in IGE, refer to this list.

Check your Degree Progress Report — it's a tool in your BroncoDirect Student Center that gives you a visual of your completed degree requirements. Watch our how-to video below to learn how to use it. 

Consult the University Catalog — double check that you've satisfied prerequisites or planned the corequisites of the courses you're thinking of taking. 

Use the Conversion Guide — if you're transitioning from quarters to semesters, use this tool to make sure you know the course equivalencies. 

Plan for 30 semester units in one academic year. (Click to view more)

Get in Gear 

Get in gear and Take 30 semester units a year! Most majors require 180 quarter units or 120 semester units to complete.

Enroll in 30 semester units every year to graduate in four years (for freshmen) or two years (for transfer students).

It's up to you if you want to take 15 units each semester, or save some units to take in the summer.

Visit the Take 30 website to learn more about the benefits of planning for 30 semester units.

Map your path to graduation in your MyPlanner. (Click to view more)

MyPlanner is an online tool in your BroncoDirect Student Center that you can use to plan out which courses you are going to take in each of your future terms. It’s important that you also use your Degree Progress Report and flowchart when filling out your MyPlanner, as MyPlanner doesn't check for pre- or corequisites.

Keeping your MyPlanner up-to-date not only keeps you organized in your academic planning, but it helps academic departments know what you want to take and when, making it easier to offer more seats.

Watch our how-to video below to learn more.

For more MyPlanner resources, visit the MyPlanner website

Then, check for registration holds in BroncoDirect. (Click to view more)

Some holds will prevent you from registering, like an SF Financial Hold or Graduation Writing Test Hold. Other holds, like the Financial Aid Save hold, just prevent your courses from being dropped. Watch our how-to video below to learn how to check your holds.  



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