Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Graduation Pledge programs, and how do I know if I'm eligible?

Incoming freshmen and transfer students are eligible to join the Graduation Pledge programs during the fall term by invitation only. See the Incoming Students page for more inforamtion. 

How can I apply for a Graduation Pledge program?

Each program has specific application requirements. See the Incoming Students page for more information.

How do I receive advising once I am accepted into the Graduation Pledge programs?

Your first advising session will be at Orientation. After you are accepted to a program, you will be assigned a permanent pledge advisor to help you plan your classes and stay on track to graduation.

When do I receive priority registration? 

By the application deadline, you will have already registered for your first courses at Orientation. Once you're in the program, your first term of priority registration will be the following spring semester.  

How many units should I complete and/or register for?

You must successfully complete 30 semester units toward your degree by the end of summer term every year. Your test credits and transfer coursework that applies to your degree requirements may be applied to your total units completed every year. 

Can I add a minor and still be pledge-eligible?

Yes. You should declare it as soon as possible within your four-year or two-year plan, and you must complete it by the end of your plan.

Can I have AP/IB credit and still be pledge-eligible?

Yes. AB/IB credit is acceptable towards the unit/course credit. Work with your academic advisor to factor this into your plan.

Can I add a second major and still be pledge-eligible?

No. You can't double major in either program.

If I change my option within my declared major, can I remain in the pledge program?

Yes. You can change your option within your declared major and still remain in the pledge program.

If I'm not eligible to apply for either program this fall, can I reapply next fall?

No. You can only apply to either program during your first term at Cal Poly Pomona.

If I'm not eligible for either program, can I still graduate in two or four years?

Yes! Your academic advisor can help you strategize a plan. You can also visit Student Success Central to find academic and advising resources, support directories, self-services and more that will help you stay on track to graduation. You should also plan to take 30 semester units per year to stay on track to graduate. Visit the Take 30 website to learn more about the benefits.