Executive Committee

Oversight and Control

To ensure proper controls over the administration of the Student Success Fee, the University President will annually form and charge the Student Success Fee Oversight Executive Committee. The executive Committee will be made up of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs. Chief Information Offficer (or their respective designees), as well as three students (appointed by the Associates Students, Inc.) and three members of the faculty (appointed by the Academic Senate). The charge for the executive committee shall include:

  • Conduct an annual review of each of the nine areas of fee revenue distribution. Ensure that all expenditures made in the prior year are compliant with the stated intention of the Student Success Fee. 
  • If funds remain in any of the nine areas of fee revenue distribution at the close of a fiscal year, conduct a review of anticipated future expenditures to determine if additional fee revenue is required to support the stated intentions of the Students Success Fee. 
  • Make an annual presentation to the University Fee Advisory Committee on findings and any recommendatons. 

Any changes to allocations of the Student Success Fee, including the reallocation of the revenue from one of the nine areas to another, or to another university purpose, must be administered through the guidelines for adjusting fees provided by the CSU Fee Policy (Executive Order 1054).