Minimizing waste contributes to a more sustainable Cal Poly in many ways. By using less, reusing more, recycling and composting, we can preserve land, save energy, conserve water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural resources.

We are making great progress.  We’ve increased our landfill diversion rate from 19 percent in 2002 to 67 percent in 2015.

Our new goal is to increase CPP’s rate of waste diverted from landfill to 75 percent.


In 2015, our Waste Reduction and Recycling Program diverted more than 2,800 tons of materials from landfills, including:

  • 1,126 tons of construction and demolition debris reused or recycled


  • 1,920 tons of organic and compostable material composted or reused


  • 377 tons of paper and cardboard, plastic, and glass recycled