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Past Member Spotlights

Joezy Perez

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Second Year Transfer

"I joined SWE because I wanted to meet more girls in engineering and make friends at my new school. I am the 2017-2018 SWE historian and the 2017-2018 International Project Secretary for Engineers Without Borders. When I am not doing things with SWE, EWB or studying, I am usually working. I love everything about construction and can’t wait to become a project manager after I graduate. "

Sandra Perez

Major: ElectroMechanical System Engineer

Year: Transfer second year

"Joining SWE is like coming back home. SWE became part when I was still at PCC. Being surrounded by good friends, professor and other SWE chapter we manage to start our own small chapter. Being surrounded by other strong women in STEM really inspire me to continue on in engineering and desire to establish the strong bond I once had at my community college here at Pomona, which I gladly am happy feeling that family bond of encouraging one another and bring out the best in each other."

Alexander Sosa

Major: ElectroMechanical Engineering Technology

Year: Super Senior

2017 - 2018 Membership Chair of SWE CPP

"I joined SWE to support Gender Equality. Engineering was heavily male dominated in the past. I volunteered with MEP and SWE in many events to spread the word. I got driven in the HeForSWE movement when it was running. Today, I stay in SWE for its balance in social life and academic development activities. I was at first hesitant to join because I thought it was a women's only club. I wasthen told that me joining and bringing more members is encouraged as it brings both genders together, together as equals with equality! SWE has a lot to offer, and I hope to give back as much as I have gotten from SWE."

Reeza Demonteverde

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Year: 4th

2014-2015 Student President of SWE CPP

"SWE was pretty much my life saver. Coming from way out of state, I had no friends and no connections, so it was pretty difficult to find homework partners and people to hang out with. In my freshman year, I found an opportunity to join SWE and eventually joined the Banquet committee. There were other girls on the committee who talked about their experiences in SWE and they encouraged me to be involved even more as an officer. The combination of having that push as well as my own efforts in trying to better myself and my personality were what motivated me to be even more involved. I can’t thank SWE enough for providing me with a safe space where I could develop, have fun, and grow. I now consider many SWE members my friends, most of them friends for life. My goal for the future is to pay it forward and help new young members to make themselves even better. I definitely can't wait to continue my involvement in SWE."

Marah Krasnow

Major: Manufacturing Engineering

Year: 3rd

"SWE has helped me in so many ways. After starting at Cal Poly Pomona, I found myself the only female in many of my classes. SWE has created a community where I can share my common goals and interests with like minded people. If it were not for SWE, I do not believe I would have been able to land my internship as a Systems Test Engineer. My fellow SWE Bees have given me advice on teachers, jobs, and much much more!

I am also incredibly thankful that SWE has started #HeForSWE. If it were not for the men in my life, I do not believe I would have had the confidence to pursue such a rigorous field of study."

Nicole Quintero

Major: Industrial Engineering

Year: 1st

"When I first began my involvement with SWE, I was always looking forward to the free lunches they would provide. But as I began to meet other members of the club, I realized how many interesting and friendly people I had the opportunity of meeting. SWE provides everyone with the opportunity to receive support for both women and men into achieving their career in the STEM field, while at the same time supporting the younger generation and others into doing the same. SWE has been able to provide me with an unforgettable experience of networking and creating friendships with amazing people. I still look forward to the free lunches, but now I have other motives for my involvement with SWE."

William Chen

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: 2nd

"During BrocoFusion's club fair event, my friend and I came across Society of Women Engineers. Due to my jocular personality, I asked "Oohh, can I join?" sarcastically. Reeza - the vice president of communications at the time as well as the current president - responded with, "Yes, of course!" and proceeded to inform us both about the organization and the issue with women not only in the Engineering field, but also in the areas of science, technology, and math.

Overtime, I began to notice that the environment, society, and the process of growing up really have a large influence on the career decisions women make going into a University. Many people take it as it is, but SWE - not only the Cal Poly Pomona chapter, but every single chapter across the nation - is here to make a difference.

It is an insightful experience because it changes my perspective whenever I see SWE reaching out to different groups and educating them about Engineering. sWE are here (Get it? Yeah? No? Okay then :/ ) to shape the future generation, and this is why I got involved with SWE."

Bianca Argueta

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Senior (transfer)

“Hi everyone! My name is Bianca Argueta and I am senior ready to finish up my Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering this June! Joining SWE was one of the best choices I could have ever made in college and I cannot put into words just how special SWE is to me.

My involvement in SWE has provided me with countless opportunities to excel in my academics, develop my leadership skills and build long lasting relationships with genuine-intelligent women and professionals in the industry. Through SWE, I had the opportunity to plan outreach events, attend national and regional conferences which helped me build a strong network and allow me to give back by encouraging younger girls to pursue STEM fields.

I feel that by being involved in SWE and other organizations, I have developed the moral character and toughness needed to thrive as a highly dedicated, capable, and committed woman in engineering.

POINT IS….join SWE, take advantage of the endless opportunities and remember that “behind every successful woman is herself.”

Alexander Sosa

Major: Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology

Year: 3rd year

"I chose to join SWE because they offer everything I need to be complete. SWE offers study sessions to complete my need to be academically successful. They also offer networking events to expand my contact list that will hopefully guide me to an internship and maybe a job. The best offer that SWE has is the social aspect. SWE is filled with friendly people who welcome anyone and all. I had trouble finding people to be social with outside of class when I first came to Cal Poly Pomona; I started feeling alone and just saw college as a place to learn and then get out. The college good life was all a myth until someone convinced me join SWE and with good reason: to support the minority. I am in SWE for more reasons now and joining SWE has been a good decision. Thank you all for making me feel welcomed and for organizing the academic, social, and networking events."

Andrea Gonzalez

Major: Civil Engineering (Environmental emphasis)

Year: Class of 2013

"Hello everyone! My name is Andrea Gonzalez. I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in March 2013 with a degree in civil engineering with an environmental emphasis. During my undergraduate career, I was heavily involved with SWE. I started off as an Events Coordinator then Internal Vice President and during my last year of college, I was President of SWE. It was a rewarding position that allowed me to grow significantly and challenge others. I was also involved with ASCE where I was a part of a special committee that organized the Pacific Southwest Conference when CPP hosted it in 2012.

After graduation, I accepted a position with Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. I absolutely love what I do, which includes inspecting dams, levees, channels and basins and overseeing a consultant performing a study on one of our levees. Every day is always different and I’m learning a lot every day!

Here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Learn as much as you can now. Do NOT just take the easy professors—challenge yourself by taking the difficult professors—you’ll definitely learn this way.
  • Get involved early and join a committee. Putting down “SWE member” on your resume is not enough if you just go to the meetings—a prospective employer will definitely pick up on that. Get involved because you will make lots of friends within SWE and you will learn a lot more about yourself and develop yourself into a student leader.
  • When you make a mistake, no matter how big or small, ALWAYS own up to it and apologize—and when you say that it won’t happen again, make sure it doesn’t. Don’t ever throw others under the bus if the fault is yours.
  • Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. A professor once told me that no question is ever stupid—what is defined as stupid is not asking the question because you’re afraid of what your peers would think of you. Don’t ever let a learning opportunity slip by."

Yesenia Pereyra

Major: Civil Engineering, Environmental Option

Year: 2nd year (transfer)

"I got involved with SWE because of all of the amazing girls that are part of the club. Being surrounded by members who are super involved, hard working and motivated inspire me to contribute to the community, discover what I can accomplish and challenge my limits. It is also a great opportunity to expand your social circle and network."

Elise Hough

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: 1st year (transfer)

"Hi everyone! My name is Elise Hough. I am a first year transfer student at Cal Poly Pomona. My involvement in SWE has given me so many new friends, memories, and opportunities. I have tried to volunteer for every event that SWE put on so far this year. I was in the Engineering Girls Committee, A.C.C.E.S.S. Committee, and the Banquet Committee. This helped me meet other female engineers at Cal Poly, but more importantly it gave me a chance to serve and give back to this awesome society, as well as the women in STEM fields in general. I got fully sponsored by SWE and went to the National SWE Conference back in October and took part in the Career Fair. Through this event I got my first internship with Northrop Grumman this Summer in their Vehicle Engineering portion of the Aerospace Sector in El Segundo, CA. My involvement in SWE has really changed my life. The Society of Women Engineers is meant to empower women to succeed in engineering. I have never felt more able to flourish then when I joined SWE and began to work along side like-minded women that inspired me to succeed. I would definitely recommend any women in engineering to join SWE and take the time to get involved; it is so extremely worthwhile. Thank you SWE and to all my "SWEsters" ;D"

Evelyn Mateo

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: 1st year

"I feel great being a women in the STEM field because I am not alone and I know there are people who support me. SWE has given me the opportunity to meet tons of nice girls who truly want me to succeed."

Charisse Garrido

Major: BS in Civil Engineering

Year: Class of 2014

"Hi everyone! My name is Charisse Garrido and I recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in June 2014 with my Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. I was greatly involved in SWE, holding various officer and committee positions, including President last year! In addition to SWE, I was also involved in ASCE, Chi Epsilon, and Tau Beta Pi. But SWE has always been my pride and joy. :) Post-graduation, I was hired by RBF Consulting, a Company of Michael Baker International, out in Palm Desert. I work on the Land Development team, which is a perfect opportunity to gain civil engineering experience since there is so much area to develop in the Coachella Valley. I am constantly learning on the job, and I can truly say that I love where I work and what I do!

Being a member of SWE during my college experience helped me in more ways than you could ever imagine. I entered CPP shy, insecure, and lonely. I left CPP more confident in who I was and who I wanted to be, as well as surrounded by a great group of people - officers and members alike. SWE has so much to offer its members: leadership positions, outreach and networking opportunities, scholarships, social events, and a wonderful circle of friends. But being a part of SWE didn’t just confine me to one organization. It motivated me to go out and pursue other things as well, such as initiating for honor societies and applying and interviewing for internships. It may sound cliché, but without SWE, I would definitely not be where I am today.

SWE’s ultimate mission is to empower women to succeed in engineering, and although I am only beginning my career, I attribute most of the successes I have experienced thus far to SWE and the wonderful opportunities that came from being involved. I highly encourage you all to stay involved and continue working together because that is what makes SWE exceptional. It all begins with you."

Elizabeth Romo

Major: Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology

Year: 4th

"SWE has helped me find confidence in myself and motivated me to continue my pursuit as a female engineer. If it wasn't for SWE I would have given up a long time ago in trying to become a female engineer. SWE helped me to step out of my shell and be myself. It helped me find the strength to continue in my career path and become a leader. SWE has also provided me with many wonderful new friends that have been very supportive. It has also helped me to make a difference in society. I always look forward to SWE's outreach events as they are extremely inspirational. It feels great to motivate young students to pursue a career in engineering. I feel great joy seeing the smile on these young faces. Knowing that one day one of these students may accomplish something great in the future due to that one smile is an amazing feeling. SWE provides great support and motivation. Joining SWE was one of the best decisions I have made in my life."

Racieli Andrada

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: 1st

"One person I look up to is my dad. I am the stereotypical daddy's little girl/ angel/ princess/ anything you can think of. Growing up, my dad had always been unselfish and loyal to his family. He graduated in Electronics Engineering in the Philippines and was set with his career as a college professor. Yet he sacrificed his career for his future family. Knowing that he's done so much, he continues to do so, and pushes me to do my best. His dream may have changed from being a professor to being the best, hardworking and respected father he can be, but he is still the same guy I call my hero. Because of him, I am a woman in STEM and I couldn't be any happier. When I am down in the dumps and stressed about college, I think of my dad and work even harder because I know that I want to be just like him when I am older- unselfish, loyal, hardworking, respected, but most importantly, living my dream."

Lori Ishigo

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: 3rd (Transfer)

Goals that I want to achieve before graduating from Cal Poly Pomona.

  • Get straight A's one quarter
  • Obtain an engineering internship
  • Become more active in SWE and join other Civil clubs (it's all about networking and making friends)
  • To get 1st place in PSWC (For Concrete Canoe)
  • To see the alligator & other wildlife that CPP houses on campus"

Elyse Johnson

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: 5th

"I initially got involved in SWE because there was a SWE conference that I attended my junior year in high school that made me want to be an engineer. I have continued to stay involved because it offers not only academic support, but it also provides a group of likeminded people who completely understand what it's like to be a girl in engineering. I have joined other clubs because they are good for me professionally or good for networking, but I participate in SWE not only because of the awesome people but also because I truly love everything they stand for!"

Abbygail Ang

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: 3rd (Transfer)

"SWE has benefited me even before I attended Cal Poly Pomona. With the help of CPP SWE and other universities, my friends and I were able to start a SWE chapter in our community college. We were a small club, but it helped me become more motivated and determined in my engineering goals. As a new transfer student to Cal Poly, I can honestly say that SWE was one of the highlights of my first quarter. I gained many wonderful friends and experiences, including teaching elementary kids about engineering in the Engineering Girls at CPP outreach. I was also pretty happy to win a nerf gun during the White Elephant Social. I am definitely looking forward to what SWE has to offer for the rest of the school year!"

Guadalupe Cortes

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: 3rd

"Being a woman in the STEM field has made me feel motivated and has inspired me to strive for and reach great things in life. It is truly a blessing to be studying civil engineering at Cal Poly. When I see or meet other woman engineers in the working field or students who are about to graduate, it makes me really happy to know that women are striving for a STEM profession, succeeding in it, and changing the stereotypes. Being a woman in the STEM field, however, is not always easy because coursework can be challenging at times and because being outnumbered by males in some classes can be a bit intimidating. Nonetheless, I have learned from these experiences to never give up and that this should not be an intimidating factor. It is important to believe in yourself and to know that women can achieve greatness and change the mindset of those who may not believe women can hold a STEM related career. My involvement with SWE has made me realize that there are other women engineers striving for great things and the importance of supporting one another. To some extent, I feel lucky and I hope to someday motivate women, in particular Hispanics and be able to show them that it is a rewarding field and the positive contribution we can make to this wonderful place we live in--the world."

Amanda Cordes

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: 5th

"One of my favorite parts about SWE is definitely the people. Everyone is SWE is so welcoming and friendly. I have met some really amazing people and made some awesome friends through SWE. Another thing I really love about SWE is the support system it provides. Being vastly outnumbered in your major can get overwhelming at times and I know there are girls in SWE who are always there to help. Its also really nice to meet other girls in your major. They can give helpful insight and advice on your major that you may not get from other sources."

Erin Joy de Guzman

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: 5th

"I never really created an official college bucket list, but here are some things that I want to accomplish before I graduate:

  1. Get involved with SWE :)
  2. Attend a college party like the movies
  3. Obtain an engineering internship
  4. Take a picture on the bronco statue next to the suites
  5. Hike to the CPP letters"

Ymonne Tajzoy

Major: Electrical Engineering

Year: 3rd (1st year transfer)

"I am proud to be a woman in the STEM field. I believe that more women should participate in outreach in order to change the current status quo. Women – and men – both have the responsibility to contribute to the engineering field, be innovative leaders, and ultimately give back to their communities. Together, we can make a difference – and change the world! After all – 'Who Runs the World? GIRLS.' -- Beyonce”

This one time in SWE…

"I volunteered to carpool to the SWE Nationals in Los Angeles – and I had one of the best times in my life. Honestly. I had the opportunity to network with some of the top companies in the industry, meet awesome recruiters, and make lifelong friends (S/O Rya, Kim, Alyssa, and Christine – a.k.a. “the five best friends/carpool that anybody ever had”). After finishing the day at SWE ’14, my friends and I explored the best that Downtown Los Angeles has to offer – Sprinkles Cupcakes included. Did I forget to mention being invited to Northrop Grumman’s private after party above Club Nokia? Yes – that happened. And it can for all of you SWEbees!!! Moral of the story: get involved, and put your name out there!"

Reana Caskey

Major: Industrial Engineering

Year: 2nd

How did you get involved with SWE?

"I joined SWE because it is a great chance to create relationships with other women. SWE is a great wasy to connect and network with others whether it be on a personal level or for professional matters as well. SWE is very welcoming and supportive!"

Brooke Neufeld

Major: Electrical Engineering

Year: 2nd

How did you get involved with SWE?

"I love being a woman in the STEM field. I get the question all the time if it is hard to be a girl in this field because it is mostly male dominated. Instead, it gives me reason to be better by trying to beat all of the guys. When a guy tells me I can’t do it, it just makes me work that much harder to prove them wrong. To the people who thought that thought women in engineering wouldn’t do well, I have had two internships at NASA and now I am currently working at SpaceX. SWE helps women realize that we can make it in the engineering field and that is why I became a member."

Kathy Rodriguez

Major: Electrical Engineering

Year: 3rd

How did you get involved with SWE?

"Joining SWE has been one of the best choices I could have ever made during my past three years at Cal Poly. I remember first learning about it during Bronco Engineering Day while I was still in high school. The friendliness and overall ambiance the members created for us soon-to-be freshman made a great impression on me. The girls were so caring and helpful I knew that when Fall came around, I had to join. Since I was so terribly outnumbered by males in my ECE classes, I was relieved to be surrounded by a group of engineering females during SWE meetings. SWE became somewhat of a safe haven for me. After joining, I learned that being an active member is a lot different than simply going to general meetings every other Thursday. By taking part in committees, volunteering at events and interacting with other members in socials, the most benefits are ultimately reaped. I have met lots of professors and industry representatives via events that SWE has held. Also, I have a clearer understanding of what future paths I can take upon graduating. Most importantly, however, I learned that when you become involved with SWE, the other members become more than just "fellow SWE members"— they become friends and even sisters."

Julianna Chavez

Major: Engineering Technology, General

Year: 3rd

How did you get involved with SWE?

"I got involved with SWE because as a transfer student, I did not know very many people on campus. I researched the club and had already applied for a membership the year before I transferred. I liked the activities and outreach that SWE was involved in, especially the High School outreach since I have gone back to my High School to give talks about being a woman studying Engineering. SWE seemed like a good place to start making friends and connections with similarly driven individuals. Also, I was tired of being the minority (as a woman) at my other college and wanted to really experience being involved with my fellow women Engineers. So far I have really enjoyed everyone I have met and am excited to start another year of SWE involvement."

Kyle Stovner

Major: Electrical Engineering

Year: 6th

How did you get involved with SWE?

"Peer pressure, really. I wasn't the most open person to talk with when I came in my first year. As my friends got more involved in SWE, I started to warm up to everyone in the SWE family when I attended a lot of their group activities. After 2 years being an officer and E-Board member, I truly do not want to slow down from the group. What they do for students is amazing; involving them into the STEM fields that will teach them the skills and knowledge to pursue their dreams. The meetings, monthly activities, YES Program, Women's Reception; everything. SWE brings people together for them to learn from each other; to have fun; to thrive. Every year I do my best to help out, even if I am a guy; I am driven to show what being a SWE member is truly about."

Cinthia Ayala

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: 2rd year, Sophomore

"It feels very empowering to be a woman in the STEM field, especially in engineering. Although it is a male dominant field, more and more females are becoming interested and committing to the engineering life. It is important to not be intimidated or afraid and have confidence in yourself because women can get any job done just as great as a male. We all have the same potential, but with a little more determination and perseverance we can surpass men. In addition, we have this great club SWE which unites all women engineers to remind us that there are other women going through the same thing as you and are willing to lend a helping hand. So stay inspired and inspire others to do the same!"

Vanessa Davalos

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: 3rd year, Junior

"I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be a woman in the STEM field. I enjoy the challenge it gives me and being able to think outside the box every day. Most importantly, I have the chance to be a role model to younger girls who might not have the support to pursue a career in the STEM field.

I think it is important to have both females and males in the STEM field since females bring diversity to solving problems. Women engineers have a different way of recognizing problems, and we can bring various skills to the field. It is important that we support each other during college, which is where SWE comes in and offers a great community of women engineers. Also, I believe it is just as important to outreach to minority students and show them opportunities available in the STEM field."