Proctoring Form

Instructor: Your name and course title/number must appear on the test. If not delivered in person, tests and test proctoring forms must be sent at least 24 hours (preferably one business day) before the test administration time to ensure that the materials are received at the Test Center and the student’s appointment is confirmed. If someone else other than the instructor is to drop off or pick up the test, the instructor is responsible for notifying the Test Center in person or by e- mail with this information for the materials to be accepted and/or released (undergraduates are not permitted to drop off or pick up tests, graduate students may drop off and pick up tests as long they are not enrolled in the course). For security reasons, instructors or designated individuals will be asked to present a photo ID when dropping off and picking up a test.

Instructor Only (students do not complete this form)
Please remind students to schedule their appointment on the Test Center Website


If you would prefer to complete a PDF version of the form, you can download it here (please deliver the test and this form to the Test Center via e-mail:, fax: (909) 869-2899, campus mail or in person).

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