Calculus Placement Assessment: ALEKS PPL


1. Register for a Test Date:

The test fee is $8.00. You MUST pay through BroncoDirect before the registration period ends or your registration will be CANCELED. Payments will NOT be accepted on the day of the test. We do NOT accept Walk-ins.

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2. Complete Your First 2 ALEKS PPL Assessments:

In addition to registering for a test date, you MUST enroll in the assessment program and complete your 2 non-proctored assessments BEFORE your registered test date.

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Reporting Time:

Arrive 30 minutes early for check-in . There is construction and other events on campus that could delay your arrival, please plan accordingly. You will NOT be admitted if you are late. If you no-show or arrive late you will forfeit your registration and test fee. Additionally, you will not be accepted to any other test times for that day.


Please arrive with plenty of time to purchase your permit, park and walk to the reporting location.

What to Bring:

To be admitted, you MUST bring the following:

  • Your Valid ID (Driver's License, State ID, Current High School ID, or Passport only)
  • Your CPP email account and password
  • Several #2 pencils

NOT Permitted

  • You may NOT use a calculator
  • Food or drinks are NOT allowed inside the Building 


Scores for the test will be available for viewing through Bronco Direct, under “ View My Test Summary”, one business day following the test.

What is the ALEKS PPL Assessment?

ALEKS PPL is the mathematics placement program that Cal Poly Pomona uses.  It allows you to review, take practice tests, and then come to campus for a proctored official placement test.

Who needs to take the ALEKS PPL Assessment?

In general, the following majors need to take the ALEKS PPL Assessment unless exempt from it:

  • College of Science: All majors except Kinesiology.
  • College of Engineering: All majors.
  • College of Agriculture: Food Science and Technology major, Foods and Nutrition-Nutrition Science major.

More specifically, if your major requires you to take MAT 1140, MAT 1200, or MAT 1300, then you are required to take the ALEKS PPL assessment unless you have achieved one of the following:

  • You earned a 3 or higher on the AP AB and/or BC Calculus exam.
  • You took College Algebra (as the prerequisite for MAT 1200) or College Algebra and Trigonometry (as the prerequisites for MAT 1140 and MAT 1300) at an accredited college and earned a C or higher.
  • You earned a 4 or higher on IB Mathematics HL.

NOTE: Your SAT math score and/or your ACT math score do not make you eligible to take MAT 1140, MAT 1200, or MAT 1300 regardless of your scores. You are only exempt from taking the ALEKS PPL assessment if you meet the conditions stated above.

*Cal Poly Pomona will only be administering the ALEKS assessment for Cal Poly Pomona students.

What is my next step?

If you are not exempt from taking the ALEKS PPL Assessment due to the conditions listed above, you should do two things:

  • Sign up now for the ALEKS PPL placement program, which includes the opportunity to practice before you take an official test.
  • Register soon for the ALEKS PPL official proctored placement test.
  • The test fee is non-refundable and can only be taken a maximum of 2 attempts.