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Personal Computer Proficiency Test (PCPT)

Starting July 1, 2014 the Microcomputer Proficiency Test (MPT) will be known as the Personal Computer Proficiency Test (PCPT)

The College of Business Administration requires that every person receiving an undergraduate degree in business administration demonstrates proficiency in the use of personal computers competently in four distinct software areas: (1) word processing, (2) presentations, (3) spreadsheets, (4) database. One means of meeting this requirement is through passing the Personal Computer Proficiency Test (PCPT) adminstered at the University's Test Center. The alternative is to enroll into CIS 101 Introduction to Personal Computing (4 units credit, pass/fail only). Sometimes a similar course taken at a community college may be considered for articulation, however only those present strong evidence (syllabus, textbook, exams, learning software, etc.) and approved by the CIS department.

  • The PCPT consists of four separate sections in Office 2016 (Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint).
  • The test fee is $10.
  • A passing score on the PCPT exempts students from taking CIS 101 or CE 210/L.
  • A score of 70% or higher on each module is required to pass the test. Module scores cannot be averaged. The result of each module is available as soon as the test is completed.
  • If you do not pass any section(s) you can reattempt only the failed section(s) after one week. You must wait at least one week to retest. You may only retest once. You will have to pay the $10 test fee and register again.
  • Generally, walk-in tests are not accepted. However, students may call in the morning to see if there are any cancelations.

You will need to pay before you can register for the test. Instructions are available below:

Instructions on How to Register and Pay for the PCPT.


Register Now

For further questions regarding taking the PCPT test, please contact the Test Center at (909) 869-3353.

For more information on this test visit: