Make up Tests (Cal Poly Students)

Makeup examinations may be scheduled at Testing Services for students experiencing hardship such as; having missed their test due to an emergency or a scheduling conflict with another test. Cal Poly Pomona Faculty please review the Proctor Policy (PDF).

Students requesting accommodations for disabilities should NOT make an appointment here. All accommodations for disabilities must be processed through the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The DRC can be contacted at (909) 869-3333.

Due to volume constraints, instructor and student must coordinate the timeline for testing between each other. If an appointment is not available before before the deadline an instructor has given, students should request an extension or make other arrangements with their instructor. Instructors should contact us if an extension is granted. Generally, walk-in tests are not accepted. However, students or instructors may call in the morning to see if there are any cancellations. All appointments are subject to availability.


  1. Student obtains approval/deadline for makeup exam from instructor
  2. Instructor submits a Proctor Form and test materials to the test center
  3. Student makes an appointment online (button below)
  4. Student informs instructor of appointment time with the Test Center

Please note: Registration closes 24 hours before the test time. 

 Appointments will be denied if the Test Center has not received a proctor form and test materials from the course instructor.


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