Rank and File: Veterans Club Members Share Bonds

By Scott Ralson

What is it that defines a club? Traditionally, clubs are formed when a group of people have a common interest.

The Veterans Club is unique in this regard because it is a club based on the common life experience of having served in the United States military.

Serving in the military is oftentimes quite intense. I know this very well after serving in the Marine Corps for nine years. During my tenure, I became very close with those I served with. As a result of sharing those experiences, I am still in regular contact with them.

In essence, military life creates a bond among the men and women who serve, even if they didn’t necessarily serve side by side.

The mission of Veterans Club is to provide a place at Cal Poly Pomona where veterans can get together with other veterans with whom they share that bond. The club, along with the Veterans Resource Center, provides resources including scholarships and opportunities to network with prospective employers.

The club also gives members an opportunity to get out and have a good time together. As club president, I scheduled an event at Bolsa Chica State Beach last year.

The club has been steadily growing and is working on plans for the 2016-2017 school year. Stop by the Veterans Resource Center and find out what the club has to offer to you.