Contact Information

Email us at The website redesign involves groups across campus. Key groups are:
  • Web Technologies Working Group
  • Web Core Team
  • Web Tech Team
  • Survey and Focus Group Participants
Web Technologies Working Group - Representatives from every division, including a student member, provide oversight and leadership over the project.
Web Core Team - A working team of representatives from the divisions of I&IT and university advancement tasked with developing and implementing strategies for the project.
  • Monitors and maintains homepage and other pages of the core site
  • Maintains a list of current sites located within the domain and the associated unit content owners for those sites
  • Works with the Web Technologies Working Group to foster adherence to guidelines and to facilitate and resolve noncompliance issues
  • Maintains regular communications with unit content leads and supplies updates and new guidelines to those individuals
  • Reports on a regular basis to the Web Technologies Working Group on the status of the university website as well as new technologies and developments
  • Serves as a constant point of contact and guides on web-related issues
  • Develops and makes recommendations to IT Governance Executive Committee and the Web Technologies Working Group on priorities for the university website direction.
Web Tech Team - I&IT professionals use the technology available to bring the ideas to life online.
Survey and Focus Group Participants - Hundreds of students, prospective students, faculty and staff provide feedback throughout the website redesign process.