Panel Discussion

5G Security: New Architecture, New Services, New Challenges

With initial trials and roll outs in progress, 5G experimentations and standards are going hand in hand at high speed trying to deliver on high expectations from end-users. Beyond high bandwidth, low latency and reduced power consumption at the radio level, 5G is actually a drastic change in the industry in terms of architecture and services. The introduction of new technologies brings automation and orchestration to a different level compared to existing cellular infrastructures. The rise of IoT devices connectivity requirements adds an additional scale factor. This is no surprise that 5G security has become a key area of interest as it combines a long list of topics: From NFV security with all its technical flavors such as virtualization, cloud, VM, container, services, to SDN security with its promise of flexibility and service chaining, combined with new delivery models such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. This panel will begin by discussing top security challenges, requirements and associated best practices - as well as identifying their potential dependencies and interactions from an end to end perspective. The panel will then discuss potential use cases of incidents including scenarios where frequent changes in these high dynamic and distributed systems could lead to security incidents. Finally, possible directions for addressing those challenges and increase the overall security posture are identified.

Panel Organizer and Moderator: Dr. Francois Cosquer, CTO Security, Nokia Software

Presenters include:
  • Dr. Ed Amoroso, CEO , TAG Cyber (former AT&T CSO)
  • Antony Martin, Infrastructure Security Expert, Orange
  • Thomas Reddington, Industry Professor of Computer Science, NYU
  • Ron Winward, Security Evangelist, Radware