As an Analytical Chemist, Dr. Liu mainly teaches the courses within the Analytical Division at Cal Poly Pomona. He is also involved in the General Chemistry teaching. These courses include:


CHM 221/L Quantitative Analysis/Laboratory in Winter 2018


CHM 122, CHM 123 General Chemistry

CHM 221 Quantitative Analysis

CHM 221L Quantitative Analysis Laboratory

CHM 342L Spectroscopic Methods Laboratory

CHM 343 Separation Methods

CHM 343L Separation Methods Laboratory

CHM 421 Chemical Equilibria in Analytical Chemistry

CHM 460 Air Pollution Problems

CHM 581 Advances in Analytical Chemistry - Bioseparations

CHM 582 Advances in Analytical Chemistry - Atmospheric Chemistry

CHM 582 Advances in Analytical Chemistry - Water Sampling and Analysis