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2017 Annual Security Report

Message from the President

At Cal Poly Pomona, our mission is to cultivate success through experiential learning, discovery and innovation. We are committed to promoting the values of diversity, community engagement, and social and environmental responsibility throughout the campus. In order to foster an environment that supports our mission, we must make the safety and security of our campus community a top priority.

To keep our community informed, Cal Poly Pomona publishes the Annual Security Report. I encourage you to read the report, which includes information about our procedures and policies, crime statistics, and emergency management protocols. It also contains information about crime reporting, crime prevention, victim’s rights and otherr important services.

While our police department take the lead in ensuring the safety of the campus, we are partners in this effort. It is important that each of us look out for one another, be alert for potentially unsafe situations, and report suspicious behavior or activity. It is also important to be engaged and informed about safety-related services, emergency preparedness and crime prevention.

Working together, we will continue to keep Cal Poly Pomona a great place to live, learn and work.

Soraya M. Coley President

2017 Annual Security Report PDF