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Faculty member teaching physics on his laptop


Teaching Virtually and Remotely

In partnership with the Faculty Center for Professional Development, colleges and departments are supporting faculty to teach virtually and/or remotely. The Faculty Center Website has resourcs and quick start guides for online tools like Blackboard, Zoom and Kaltura.

Student working on laptop


Academic & Student Services Support

While Cal Poly Pomona course instruction has transitioned to a virtual format given the COVID-19 concerns, the university will continue to offer student services. Visit the Academic and Student Services Support website for information and access to various services.

University News

Foal Dillon and his mother

Horse Center Celebrates First Foal of Season

Amid the gloomy atmosphere created by the COVID-19 crisis and the rainy weather, some good news has arrived to the campus: the first foal of the season was born at the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center.
Student Baking Team

Students Take Home National Baking Title - Again

For the second consecutive year, Cal Poly Pomona food science and technology students have won a national baking competition. The quartet beat out teams from the University of Florida and Purdue University in the competition finals.
Liz Scordato

Study Finds Bird Evolution Shaped by Tibetan Plateau

Elizabeth Scordato, an assistant professor of biological sciences, is the lead author of a study that found the evolution of barn swallows in Asia is shaped by the Tibetan Plateau. The results, have been published in the journal Ecology Letters.
Lanterman Development Center

Developer FivePoint to Move Lanterman Project Forward

With a developer selected and an advisory committee in place, CPP intends to move forward with crafting a plan for the Lanterman site. Irvine-based developer FivePoint and the university are moving toward an exclusive negotiating agreement, a crucial step before development discussions begin in earnest.
Dorothy McNeil Tucker
Dorothy McNeil Tucker

“I was the first woman hired, and I thought, ‘Isn’t this going to be interesting: 700 men students and all men faculty.”

 - Dorothy McNeil Tucker
First woman hired at the Cal Poly Kellogg-Voorhis unit, first woman promoted to associate professor

Scholarship Fest

Apply now for scholarships for both this year (2019-20) and next (2020-21). Hundreds of scholarships are available to students of all majors. New opportunities come and go every week. The fest ends April 30 but most scholarships will be closed by then, so don’t delay!

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Our Polytechnic Advantage

Academic excellence is central to our mission at Cal Poly Pomona. Our emphasis on hands-on learning means we reach beyond the textbook to provide knowledge through experience. We promote creativity, discovery and innovation. We inspire critical thinking, collaboration and community engagement, and the way we integrate technology helps ensure that our graduates are career ready. We proudly embrace diversity and inclusivity. This is our polytechnic advantage.

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Two students discuss a rendering on a laptop

The Compass

Whether you live or work on campus or commute to get to classes, The Compass provides news and real-time updates about construction projects, road closures, power shutdowns, mechanical malfunctions or maintenance to help you get to class and work and avoid delays.

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