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President Soraya M. Coley

Message from President Coley

In a message to the campus community, President Coley writes: “This is a time to reflect honestly on the history of our country and those pivotal moments when words, actions, and deeds have aligned to truly deliver on the promise of equal and fair treatment." 
From left to right, Wen Cheng, Sarah Lorenzen and Matthew S. Povich are the Provost Award Winners.

2020 Provost’s Award Winners Exhibit Excellence

From enhancing passion for pursuit of higher degrees to restoring historic national landmarks to studying galaxies far, far away, the 2019-20 Provost’s Award for Excellence winners earned the highest distinction for Cal Poly Pomona faculty members in distinctly different ways.

Students Recognized for Polytechnic Experiences in Digital Magazine

Over 200 Cal Poly Pomona students from five programs are recognized in the first ever PolyX Showcase Magazine. The digital magazine celebrates students who have successfully completed Signature Polytechnic Experiences. Students involved in PolyX are learning by doing through implementing solutions to real world needs, almost always involving research.
Group of student walk across campus on the first day of fall semester.

Advisory Board Launched to Promote Inclusivity on Campus

The university nominated 16 faculty, staff and student representatives to serve on the Inclusive Excellence Council’s executive board, with plans to enlist a wider representation of the campus community to join its general council In the coming months.
Faculty member teaching physics on his laptop


Teaching Virtually and Remotely

In partnership with the Faculty Center for Professional Development, colleges and departments are supporting faculty to teach virtually and/or remotely. The Faculty Center Website has resourcs and quick start guides for online tools like Blackboard, Zoom and Kaltura.

Jeff Mio's Virtual Zoom classroom


Online Engagement and Support

Cal Poly Pomona remains committed to keeping students engaged in the virtual environment. Visit the Student Affairs Online Engagement and Support website to learn how to access workshops, wellbeing resources, support services and how to best contact departments remotely.

Student working on laptop


Academic & Student Services Support

While Cal Poly Pomona course instruction has transitioned to a virtual format given the COVID-19 concerns, the university will continue to offer student services. Visit the Academic and Student Services Support website for information and access to various services.

Demetrious Jarvis
Demetrious Jarvis

“The Navy definitely taught me endurance and to be mentally tough when you’re going through challenges. Just being resilient and constantly hitting the wall until you crack it and then you can go through it. And now, I reached a dream that I’ve had for 17 years, so I’m happy.”

 -Demetrious Jarvis ('20, aerospace engineering)
  Flutter and vibration engineer at Skunk Works

Thank a CPP Community Member

During this extraordinary time, we want to recognize our Cal Poly Pomona community for going the extra mile to helping each other out and keep our community safe. We invite you to submit a thank you message and also view the Thank You Wall

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three students smiling in Bronco gear

Congratulations, Incoming Broncos!

Cal Poly Pomona continues to attract students who are seeking an innovative, immersive and transformative educational experience. As an inclusive polytechnic university, we provide opportunities for hands-on learning, research projects, internships and service-learning experiences.

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Our Polytechnic Advantage

Academic excellence is central to our mission at Cal Poly Pomona. Our emphasis on hands-on learning means we reach beyond the textbook to provide knowledge through experience. We promote creativity, discovery and innovation. We inspire critical thinking, collaboration and community engagement, and the way we integrate technology helps ensure that our graduates are career ready. We proudly embrace diversity and inclusivity. This is our polytechnic advantage.

Visit Polytechnic Advantage Website
Two students discuss a rendering on a laptop