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Shopping at The Farm StoreAGRIscapes, located off Temple Avenue between South Campus and University Drives, is a 40-acre facilty open to the public that promotes agriculture and environmental literacy. College of Agriculture students benefit from the research plots developed on the site as well as the labs and classrooms where they are able to develop new ideas for food, packaging and storage.

Located on AGRIscapes is the Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch. Located at 4102 S. University Drive, the store is open to the public and features fruits and vegetables grown on campus as well as products made in California. The Farm Store offers great diversity of produce, specialty food items and plants, and is open seven days of week.

Apparel merchandising and management students design clothes and sell their unique, one-of-a-kind designs at the Farm Store.

Bronco BookstoreBronco Bookstore

The Bronco Bookstore, located in Building 66, offers Cal Poly Pomona emblematic clothing and gifts, sundries and snacks, textbooks, school supplies and a computer store.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

ATMs are located inside and outside the Bronco Student Center's (Building 35) first floor, and inside the second floor of the Campus Center Marketplace (Building 95).

If you are looking for a day at the mall, the local region is a shopping buffet!