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Peer Mentoring

Each term, RAMP offers peer mentoring workshops on various topics developed by RAMP tutor/mentors and program staff. Examples of recent topics include preparing to apply for graduate school and "Beating Semester Conversion," a graduation planning workshop. 

Mentoring Philosophy

RAMP is dedicated to the academic success and persistence of its participants. A student-centered approach is the program’s foundation for understanding and serving the diverse needs of its students. Each student is given individualized attention from administrative staff and peer mentors to encourage progress in her/his personal and academic development. By participating in RAMP mentoring services, students can become better informed of campus resources. RAMP’s mentoring services are performed with integrity, understanding, and a desire to assist and support RAMP students.

Mentoring Mission Statement

The principle goal of the program is to provide academic and personal support to RAMP students so they may persist at the University and graduate in a timely manner. The program’s mentoring component is one means toward achieving this goal. It is intended to serve as an invaluable experience for both mentors and mentees. Mentors guide their mentees in successfully navigating their way toward accomplishing intended educational goals. Such navigation includes increasing mentees’ awareness of CPP policies, procedures, and resources that affect their academic progress. It also includes heightening mentees’ consciousness of the values associated with participating in the diverse social and extra-curricular opportunities offered by various CPP departments and organizations. Effective mentor/mentee relationships allow mentees to develop a connection with the university and its resources. This connection is vital to all students’ academic success.