Program Overview

New CalbridgeThe Cal-Bridge program is a CSU-UC partnership designed for California State University (CSU) students interested in pursuing a PhD in physics, astronomy, computer science, computer engineering, or related fields. The program utilizes research-validated selection methods to identify students from underrepresented groups who display strong socioemotional competencies along with academic potential - and provides them with the support necessary to successfully matriculate to a PhD program, ideally at a University of California (UC) campus.

Once selected, Cal-Bridge Scholars benefit from financial support, intensive, joint mentoring by CSU and UC faculty, professional development workshops, and exposure to research opportunities at the participating UC campuses. 

Key elements of Cal-Bridge include:

  • Scholars are selected from the CSUs using a wide range of research-based metrics (leadership, communication skills, research experience, grit,…)
  • Three years of scholarship funding: last two years of undergraduate and a portion of the first year of graduate tuition and fees
  • Assignment of two mentors: one from a UC campus, one from the student’s home CSU campus
  • Extensive mentoring in academics and professional development to assist in complete their bachelor’s degrees and applying for graduate school
  • Summer and academic year research opportunities at the participating UC campuses
  • Opportunities to present results at regional and national conferences


Cal-Bridge is a statewide network of CSU, UC, and community college campuses coming together to form a CSU–UC PhD bridge program promoting broader participation by students from underrepresented groups in physics and astronomy. Cal-Bridge recruits CSU and community college students entering their junior year at a CSU and supports them for three years, through their first year of graduate school.

Pillar One: Multiple engaged mentors. Pillar Two: Scholarships of up to $10,000 per year. Pillar Three: Professional development workshops. Pillar Four: Summer research experience.

The Cal-Bridge program provides support for its scholars through four pillars of support: 1) joint intensive mentoring by two faculty, one from their home CSU campus, the other from a nearby UC campus; 2) substantial need-based scholarships up to $10,000 per year to allow the scholars to cut their work hours to less than 10 hours per week and focus on academics; 3) professional development workshops designed to prepare the scholars to successfully apply to PhD programs and; 4) provide summer research opportunities, primarily through the Cal-Bridge Summer program (also known as CAMPARE).  

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant DUE-1741863