Action Groups

On June 24, a group of over 50 Cal-Bridge scholars, faculty, and administrators met to follow up on our meetings of June 10 for the Strike for Black Lives. The group met for 2 hours and came up a large number of actions the Cal-Bridge community and program could take to combat anti-black and other forms of racism. Of those, the six below stood out for the level of enthusiasm and energy they evoked as well as for having the most people interested in working on them. Subsequently, we shared this list with the broader Cal-Bridge community and invited them to join one of these action groups. To date, over 40 people have signed up to join one or more of these action groups.

The Cal-Bridge community is committed to carrying out the actions listed here. We will be reporting periodically on our progress through pages on this website. As an organization, Cal-Bridge intends to make anti-racism a more central, core tenet of the program. We invite others in academia and society in general to join us.

Topic Description/Mission Actions
Grad admissions, inclusion, and hiring Coordinate efforts across UC to make the graduate admissions and faculty hiring processes more equitable. We aim to increase the number of Cal-Bridge students accepted to UC programs and the number of alumni working as faculty & postdocs at all Cal-Bridge institutions.
  1. Organize a group discussion of UC faculty re admissions, GRE, inclusivity in general
  2. Develop shared materials to take back to home departments
  3. Organize visits by social science experts to various UC departments to discuss holistic, equity-based admissions
HBCU partnerships Establish robust collaborations with HBCU programs and faculty to increase HBCU student participation in summer research, seek funding through the UC-HBCU program as part of collaborative multi-campus program. Establish processes and resources that support HBCU undergraduate and graduate students in UC/CSU programs
  1. Check on feasibility of multi-UC-campus program/can CSUs be involved in UC-HBCU program?
  2. Reach out to UC faculty to participate
  3. Identify potential HBCU collaborators in our networks and reach out to them to create true partnerships
  4. Investigate whether the CAMPARE summer research program coold be extended to HBCU applicants
Outreach to CC/HS Develop and coordinate outreach efforts through Cal-Bridge network and partners, encouraging students to pursue physics and other STEM fields in high schools, community colleges, and universities
  1. Identify which specific institutions (high schools, community colleges, and freshmen/sophomore undergrads) to focus our efforts and assign different co-leads for each one
  2. Brainstorm workshops ideas and decide which would be suitable for each institution (science experiment "demo" days, research talks, how to apply to Cal-Bridge etc)
  3. Reach out to contacts (ex. department heads) or student organizations (ex. Society of Physics Students (SPS)) at different institutions to discuss possible days to host workshops (virtual or in-person) 
Mental Health Support groups for Cal-Bridge scholars and alumni; invite mental health experts to guide workshops for faculty mentors and scholars, mental health awareness through Cal-Bridge community and compilation of information/resources
  1. Create support group for alumni and scholars. Organize zoom meeting
  2. Create list of resources for scholars outside Cal-Bridge
  3. Talk with Cal-Bridge Leadership about possible resources to bring experts to lead workshops for faculty and scholars
Space for Black mentors and mentees Design space for black students to acquire skills, knowledge and confidence through mentoring and practice to be successful in research and coursework
  1. Create slack channel for Black scholars
  2. Look for connections to Black scientists more broadly
  3. Extend participation to lower division and undergraduate students
  4. Join in Cal-Bridge peer mentoring group
  5. Organize opportunities for research collaborations/presentations
Diverse Speaker Series Showcase future career paths for Cal-Bridge scholars; show contributions/role models of scientists of color (including Cal-Bridge alumni) and give students opportunity to interact with them; discuss anti-racism and experiences of scientists of color; provide seminar experiences for campuses that don't have one
  1. Find a time and date with minimal conflict with CSU/UC campus seminar series
  2. Solicit nominations for speakers from Cal-Bridge community
  3. Prepare blurb for speakers introducing goals and intended audience
  4. Invite speakers, make schedule
  5. Invite/advertise to all CSU/UC campuses (physics, astro)