Canvas - Moving to our dream home
CPP Canvas Community


Major Updates

  • Canvas is currently fully configured and available to all faculty and students. Staff can request Canvas accounts by emailing
  • Canvas will be the ONLY LMS available to use with students in Fall 2021. Blackboard cannot be used with students after Summer 2021, but faculty will still be able to access content in Blackboard through at least Spring 2022.
  • Faculty do NOT have to copy their own course material from Blackboard to Canvas. Materials for Fall 2021 courses, and others, will be migrated and converted from Blackboard to Canvas by an external company by late June. A prominent announcement will be made when these materials are available.
  • Stipends are available for engaging in Canvas trainings. See the Support page for details.
  • Please email with questions. Please see our Timeline page, Support page, and FAQ page for more information.

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