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To create a medium for the development of individuals in the sales discipline through polytechnic education, industry partnership and applied research in sales and sales management.



  • Create opportunities for all students to learn the discipline of sales
  • Promote the involvement of under-represented groups in the sales discipline
  • Generate targeted industry partnerships in the sales discipline
  • Enhance the creation of a polytechnic curriculum in the sales discipline based on industry-relevant practices
  • Support outreach and research that promotes the sales discipline


Alumni Talk about Sales and the Consultative Selling Program

Ruth Guthrie

News PhotoIt’s the end of the day and three engaging alums joined the Advanced Selling class in the CoLab for some straight talk about what it’s like to have a sales job.  Three alums, one senior and one Executive In Residence, John Tush, met with Dr. Fabrize’s class to invite students to apply for Cal Poly Pomona’s elite sales mentoring program. 

Nick Gabel, Andres Gonzales, Steve Coppell and David Martinez are personable, humble, extremely well spoken.  Quickly, it becomes obvious that these four are the real deal. They’ve gone from simple student jobs to building lucrative careers in jobs that they love.

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Industry Connections

Founded in 2017, the Center for Consultative Sales at Cal Poly Pomona uses industry collaboration to prepare students for successful, rewarding careers in consultative selling. The Center offers students and working professionals a polytechnic education that focuses on hands-on, individualized training. 

The Center helps create sales knowledge, advance sales education and develop outstanding sales leaders through exemplary learning programs, partnerships and research. Through Executives in Residence, students have access to real-world professional knowledge, expertise and mentoring. The Center’s Executives have a combined professional selling experience of over 100 years.

Dr. Jared Oakley
Dr. Megan Good
Executives in Residence
John Tush
Lisa Tush
Scot Ellingson
Scott Duke
Junior Executives in Residence
Steven Coppell
Nick Gable
David Martinez
Andreas Rodriguez


Jared Oakley, Ph.D.


Director Center for Consultative Selling
Professor of International Business and Marketing 
(909) 869-3630


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