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  Charisma Byrd


A Homecoming Journey: From Student to Educator

Stepping back onto the grounds of Cal Poly Pomona (CPP), my alma mater, feels like a heartwarming embrace from the past. The path from student to educator was not a role I initially anticipated but has proven to be an organic extension of the transformative years I spent here, both as a track and field student-athlete and later as a determined graduate.With two CPP degrees (B.S. in Exercise Science (class of ’21) and M.S. in Exercise Physiology ( class of ‘23) in hand, I ventured into the field of biomechanics, achieving milestones on and off the track. Yet, amidst the professional success, the memories of my time as a student remained vivid, and the support I received from my professors and coaches remained unforgettable.Now, I'm back in familiar classrooms, this time as an instructor. I am a temporary lecturer for the Kinesiology and Health Promotion (KHP) department, having now taught a range of courses including biomechanics labs, exercise physiology labs, and weight training activities. My connection with the students was instantaneous, and I realized that my journey had come full circle. By blending real-world experiences into the classroom, I aim to make complex subjects digestible and kindle the flames of curiosity. The engaging teaching style I developed is a blend from my favorite KHP professors and the many lessons I've learned since. Reflecting on this journey, I'm grateful to guide a new generation of students at CPP as a Black/Latinx female in STEM. Each student's success reaffirms my decision. In their eager faces, I glimpse my own aspirations. My future goal remains to obtain my PhD in the near future. These experiences often motivate me in my active pursuit of doctorate-level higher education. From student to educator, my journey echoes the enduring legacy of Cal Poly Pomona. As I inspire future generations, I carry its impact with pride. Go Broncos!


 Angelica L. Cardona

I am a proud Master of Business Administration Spring 2023 graduate from the Singelyn Graduate School of Business at Cal Poly Pomona. Entering into the academic field of Business seemed intimidating at first, as I had a different background in Organizational Communication, B.S., however it proved to be the best decision I could make as these programs complimented each other nicely! The program brought on an array of challenges through its rigorous curriculum. Yet, it was the process of overcoming these challenges and gaining profound knowledge about the business field that has significantly expanded my career opportunities – a reward that's immeasurable. The stress, countless hours of studying, and at times sleepless nights were all investments that bore fruit in the form of new skills and insights. Balancing these demands demanded effective time management, a skill that proved essential in staying on top of assignments and study materials. But my dedication to excellence, coupled with unwavering support from those around me, fortified my efforts. This enabled me to not only complete the MBA program in a mere year and a half while simultaneously working, but to excel beyond expectations. I would say that one of the most rewarding aspects of the MBA experience was the diverse student body. Interacting with peers at different career stages illuminated the multitude of opportunities within the business field, fostering connections and insights that broadened my perspective. I am excited to embark on a career in the management field, where I can apply the comprehensive knowledge and skills I've gained from my MBA to drive innovation and success in dynamic business environments. To current and future students, I say: embrace every challenge, seek guidance, and cherish the invaluable connections you'll forge. Your journey is unique, but you're never alone.



   Anuj Gupta


I am Anuj Gupta, an international student hailing from India and an alumnus of Cal Poly's Singelyns Graduate School of Business. My academic journey led me to the successful completion of a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program, meticulously crafted to endow us with the indispensable proficiencies in data analysis, insightful inference drawing, and informed decision-making.Rooted in the values of humility, respect, industriousness, and bravery that my family instilled in me, I take immense pride in my remarkable voyage. My cultural background enriches my approach, seamlessly merging conservative and modern analytics strategies, which I've had the privilege to share within our academic community. Collaborating with an eclectic and accomplished cohort, encompassing diverse origins and perspectives, has been transformative. The collective exchange of wisdom has not only fostered mutual learning but also honed our collaborative aptitude and interpersonal adeptness.A crowning experience was the capstone project, wherein I delved into the intricacies of "Bull and Bear Market; Good and Bad News: Asymmetric Volatility Spillover Effects." This significant work is now available for reference on the CPP library platform. My Bronco association has furthered my growth, affording me invaluable opportunities such as insightful visits to the Ontario International Airport and the Long Beach Container Terminal.As an esteemed CPP alumnus, I stand poised to embrace forthcoming prospects in the realm of business analytics with enthusiasm and preparedness.