Collage with field trip images


While the kids are home, they need something fun to do. We got you covered!

Discovery Farm Field Trips at Cal Poly Pomona have become a very popular outlet for exploring and learning about Agriculture and the Food we eat. Unfortunately we cannot currently invite you to our farm but we started thinking that maybe we could prepare some fun and educational lessons to bring part of the Farm to you.

The topics include: ‘Good Bugs & Bad Bugs’, ‘Plant Parts’, ‘Farm Animals’, ‘Eating Healthy Tastes Great’, ‘Growing a Home Garden’, and ‘Natural Fibers’. For each lesson participants will enjoy a short Video Segment, Worksheet, Fun Games, Coloring Sheet, and Quiz. When students complete a lesson they will earn a Badge for that topic. After going through all 6 session they will be declared a Junior Farmer at Discovery Farm!

Be part of the hundreds of kids who have already participated in the lessons!