Students measuring during a Structural Geology class.
About Cal Poly Pomona

Quality Learning Experience

Don’t expect your Cal Poly Pomona instructors to be “cloistered academics.” We choose our faculty based on their success and experience in the real world, as well as their ability to teach and communicate. Their strong connection to the professional world maintains the quality and currency of their teaching and gives students direct link to rewarding internships and career opportunities. Their love of teaching shows in the personal engagement they offer their students and their commitment to provide every student with a quality education. Cal Poly Pomona is distinguished by its low undergraduate 26:1 student-faculty ratio. At Cal Poly Pomona, you’ll never be just a face in the crowd.

Academic Opportunities

The college experience at Cal Poly Pomona isn’t just a series of classes and exams. It’s a special time and place--one that’s ripe with opportunity. All you have to do is step up and take it. For whatever kind of student you are, Cal Poly Pomona offers programs inviting you to make the most of your education.

The Kellogg Honors College gives high achievers the chance to be members of a close community of students and faculty who learn together through faculty-led honors classes, team projects and field trips.

The Four Year Graduation Pledge is a voluntary agreement between a student and the University. If you pledge to make steady satisfactory progress towards your degree, the University will offer you advising and priority registration to ensure first access to the classes you need.

Service Learning allows you to collaborate with faculty, applying classroom lessons to real issues in the local community.

Interdisciplinary General Education (IGE) invites you to fulfill your general education requirements by participating in unique learning communities where humanities and social science topics are considered in a holistic, unified manner.

Study Abroad lets you earn credit toward your major and experience another culture first-hand in over 20 countries. Programs are taught by our faculty and others, in English and in the local languages.

Undergraduate Research lets undergraduates pair up with faculty in research, scholarship and creative activities both within and outside of regular coursework. This type of partnership with faculty is usually reserved for graduate students at other universities.

Internships prepare both undergraduates and graduates for the work force, providing a powerful competitive advantage over students without experience in their field.

National student competitions transform the Cal Poly Pomona experience for many students who compete against other universities in a wide range of activities including the Model United Nations, Cyberdefense, SAE Baja, Western Collegiate Food Marketing Competition, and Intercollegiate Horse Shows and Rodeos.