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About Eriun

Eriun is a fintech company that utilzies artificial intelligence to identify qualifeid clients for financial instituations while eliminiating discrimination and bias in the loan lending process. Utilizing credit bureau data, Eriun is training and developing predivitive algorithms with the most reliable data obtainable. To provide the highest quality service, we collaborate with current and former CEOs of credit unions and fintech companies.

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Previous Projects:
Portable microscope with excellent maginification and picture quality. It is affordable, user-friendly, and aims at increasing interest in STEM education.
An electronic posture coach that monitors the user's muscoloskeletal posture in real time. Inspired by a patented NASA technology, it coaches the person who's wearing it to develop healthy posture habits.
A revolutionary fan blade design based on a patented NASA technology. Our team has re-engineered this technology and applied it to the fan industry, achieving better energy efficiency and lower noise levels.