Dean of Students

Emergency Contact Information

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

1798 North Garey Ave, Pomona, CA 91767

(909) 865-9500


San Dimas Community Hospital

1350 West Covina Blvd, San Dimas, CA 91773

(909) 599-6811


Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park

1011 Baldwin Park Blvd, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

(626) 851-1011


LA County + USC Medical Center

1983 Marengo St, Los Angeles, CA 90033

(323) 226-2622


Hospital Accompaniment Protocol

Who goes to the hospital first?
Follow normal protocols for emergency response. Call University Police at (909) 869-3070. 
When a student is being transported to the hospital, the Chief of Police (or designee) will decide if a staff member needs to accompany the student to the hospital. (The person should use his or her own vehicle.) If the answer is yes, the police dispatcher will be informed that the hospital accompaniment protocol has been activated. The Chief of Police (or designee's) answer will most likely tell the staff member to accompany the student to the hospital in the following four cases:
  • Traumatic life-threatening injury
  • Loss of consciousness (student unable to respond when ready to be transported)
  • Altered level of consciousness (student unable to respond when ready to be transported)
  • International student (International Center or CPELI). Police dispatch will notify Extended University
  • First point of contract staff member on the scene should be a person that has received proper training for the normal hospital accompaniment protocol. This person agrees to communicate any and all information with the AVP/DOS
List of Official University Resources
The police dispatcher will contact the AVP/Dean of Students at CPP, home, or by cell. 
Interim Associate Vice President & Dean of Students – Benardo Dargan – Primary Contact (909) 869-3850
The AVP/Dean of Students will have a list of official university resources and their contact information, who may accompany a student or relieve the staff member who originally accompanied the student. The AVP/Dean of Students will call one of the official university resources and ask them to relieve the staff member after the situation has been assessed.  The AVP/Dean of Students will take into consideration where the official university resource person lives and which hospital the student is being taken to, when asking them to respond to the emergency. The following is a list of all designated official university resources. Note: This is not a sequential list representing the order in which an official university resource should be contacted.

For General Students
  • Associate Vice President / Chief of Operations - Dr. Kevin Colaner
  • Associate Vice President for Student Services - Dr. Reggie Blaylock
  • Associate Vice President for Student Health and Wellbeing - Dr. Leti Gutierrez-Lopez 
  • Director, Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers – Tari Hunter
  • Senior Coordinator, Student Life – La’Keisha Beard
  • Senior Coordinator, Cultural Centers – Currently Vacant
  • Director, Office of Student Conduct & Integrity – Dr. Jonathan Pettigrew
For University Housing Services Students
  • Executive Director, University Housing Services – Dr. Megan Stang
  • Director, Residence Life, University Housing Services – Dr. Reyes Luna
  • Senior Coordinator, Residential Education & Leadership, University Housing Services – Christine Orgeta
  • Senior Coordinator, Residential Education & Leadership, University Housing Services – Araceli Guzman
For University Village/Foundation Housing Services Students
  • Director, Foundation Housing Service – Dave Laxamana
  • Asst. Director, Community Standards , University Village – Echelle Avelar
  • Asst. Director, Leadership Development, University Village – Kyle Sirowy
For ASI/BRIC/BSC Students
  • Executive Director, ASI - Dr. Liz Roosa Millar
  • Associate Exectuive Director, ASI - Powell Velasco
  • Director of the BSC - Barny Peake
  • Director of the BRIC - Krista Smith
  • Associate Director of the BRIC - Shelbi Long 
Intercollegiate Athletics Students
  • Athletic Director – Brian Swanson
  • Associate Athletic Director – Stephanie Duke
Summer Bridge or Renaissance Scholar Students
  • Executive Director, SSEP – Leticia Guzman-Scott
  • Associate Director, SSEP – Sara Gamez
  • Coordinator, Renaissance Scholars – Makeda Bostic
  • Educational Counselor, Renaissance Scholars – Christina Jacobo
Orientation Services Students
  • Director, One Stop Services - Cecilia Santiago Gonzalez
  • Director, First Year and Transitions - Janetta McDowell
International Students
  • Coordinator, International Student & Scholar Services – Kelly McCullen
English Language Institute
  • Assistant Director, CPELI – Deborah Detzel
  • Assistant Director, CPELI – Tammy Johnson
  • Program Administrator, CPELI - Sarah Moussavi
Role of Official University Resource
  1. Provide comfort
  2. Officially represent CPP and “get in the door” at the hospital in order to obtain first-hand information
  3. Serve as official liaison to University – Collect information to pass on to others
  4. Police dispatcher and AVP/Dean of Students will be working on details (checking on emergency contacts and making necessary calls, etc.)
  5. Let the AVP/Dean of Students know when the emergency contact person or family member (or Renaissance Scholars, International Center, English Language Institute) has arrived at the hospital.  As soon as an emergency contact, family member, or friend arrives the Official University Resource may leave. 
  6. If the student regains consciousness, is over 18, and states that they do not want their emergency contact notified, document this, and you may leave.  (Some exceptions may apply, contact the AVP/Dean of Students for further clarification)
  7. In some cases, the emergency contact will have already been notified and they will be en-route to the hospital.  Then, the staff member that is at the hospital will take care of the transition.
  8. Each situation will be different, however the Official University Resource should be able to “hand off” the hospital accompaniment responsibilities to another person generally within 3-4 hours if the situation requires a long-term stay at the hospital.
  9. The AVP/Dean of Students will contact the VPSA and the appropriate AVP or Key Director to inform them of the situation.