Dean of Students

Initial Notice of Student Death

A student’s death has a significant impact upon the entire university community, calling for a sensitive and well-planned response. The AVP & Dean of Students has the responsibility for coordinating the University’s response to a student death. To serve the needs of the family, students, and the campus, our plan is designed to:
• Provide for appropriate notifications, consultations, support, counseling, and follow-up services
• Involve all necessary campus units in the response effort
Anyone on the campus may be notified of a student’s passing.  If you are notified, we need your help. 
Immediately call the Associate Vice President & Dean of Students office at (909) 869-3850 with the name and phone number of the person who notified you about the death.  Be sensitive to the situation and assure the person that we will assist the family during this difficult time. Inform the person they will be contacted shortly by the Associate Vice President & Dean of Student’s Office to provide University assistance.
In order to make the necessary notifications and to provide support let the person know that we will be asking them a few important questions.  NOTE: Always refer to the student by his/her given name, e.g., Cindy… (not “the victim” or “deceased”). We will be collecting the following vital information: 
Student Information
  1. First, Middle and Last Name of Student
  2. Bronco ID# - (if known)
  3. College - Major
  4. Date of death
  5. Ask “What happened?”  This allows the person to give us as much or as little information as they feel comfortable sharing.
Family Contact Information (or family designee)
            Name _________________________________________
            Phone Number (    )  ___________________________
            Email _________________________________________