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Bronco Stories


Meet Matt, a rock climber, saxophone player, jazz composer, free diver, camper, and senior at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Zoology. Take a look at his expereince at CPP!


Marvin started out his college journey as a Political Science major, with the goal to get a law degree eventually. After attending Cal Poly Pomona, and going through his courses, he realized his true passion was working with elementary, middle, and high school students. Now, Marvin's plan is to become a high school teacher and work in the education system to help and encourage young students - like he once was - that high education is possible for anyone.


Chef Starla Hampton highlights her time studying at The Collins College Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona. As a transfer student, Starla was inspired to make her university experience count. She wanted to change things and get involved on campus, meet new people and help transfer students like herself. As a PolyTransfer Ambassador, she was able to meet her new goals. Watch a part of Starla's journey at CPP!


You can make traveling a part of your college experience at Cal Poly Pomona. Nicole is an Industrial Engineering major and has traveled to Illinois, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Oregon for internship and co-op opportunities.


Working with animals has always been Ashley’s dream. As a Cal Poly Pomona Animal Science major, she’s been able to get hands-on learning while overcoming her allergy to horses.

Top Five Places on Campus

Our Outreach Ambassador shares his top five places on campus!

Bronco Family Preview Day

Check out a previous Bronco Family Preview Day. Cal Poly Pomona provisionally admitted students got to tour the campus and learn about student services available. 


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