We Are Cpp

About This Site

Cal Poly Pomona is an outstanding university composed of exceptional individuals.

  • We are leaders in our professional fields.
  • We are influencers in culture and society.
  • We are engaged partners in our local communities.
  • We identify opportunities and seize them.
  • We are the change agents of our communities.

The Cal Poly Pomona experience is a powerful one. It begins with our campus community and it extends well beyond the classroom walls and grounds of the university.

The “We Are Cal Poly Pomona” website celebrates the accomplishments of our entire campus community through feature stories and videos.

If you are part of the Cal Poly Pomona community, share your story with us. If you are an alum, send in your impact (also called Class Note).

This website is managed by the Office of Alumni & External Relations. For inquiries please contact alumni@cpp.edu. Thank you!