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Christine Lac

Broncos at Work

Christine Lac

Business Administration

Class of 2018

Human Resources Generalist

Tell us about your journey in the management/HR field.

My journey began when I became part of the Tesla team, where I worked in a variety of roles, including senior human resources coordinator, talent management associate and global onboarding coordinator. It became clear that my strengths aligned with people-oriented tasks, particularly in onboarding. This led me into the HR realm, and I’ve been dedicated to this career for more than four years now.

How did Cal Poly Pomona prepare you for your career in human resources?

My experience laid the foundation through hands-on projects and a proactive approach. I had opportunities to collaborate with diverse groups and personalities. I initially thought I would remain in marketing, but my time at Tesla revealed that my true strength lay in human resources.

What advice would you give to college students who are seeking a career after graduation?

Find a hands-on internship during your junior or senior year, rather than waiting until after graduation. Many companies value experience as evidence of your determination to become a part of their team.

Who were your mentors and how did they support you?

Throughout my time at CPP, I’ve been fortunate to have several mentors who remain an active part of my life. Alumni mentor DJ Norman (’93, management and human resources) and Adjunct Professor Lydia Chen Shah (’01, marketing) stand out as exceptional role models. Their guidance illuminated my potential and emphasized the importance of seeking assistance and maintaining a strong network. Their influence has boosted my career confidence.