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CARECEN Legal Services


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Direct immigration legal services are available free of charge to ​CSU students and employees.​ Attorneys, Accredited Representatives, and paralegals are available to assist students with general consultations, DACA renewals, family-based petitions, and more. ​

Funding for the services is provided by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). 

CARECEN was contracted to provide services to 8 CSUs. At the moment, each campus has a team of legal staff providing free consultations and other immigration related relief.

CARECEN itself is a non-profit based out of LA, however we have offices in other areas like Van Nuys and San Bernardino. We were created in 1983 by Salvadoran refugees and have been providing access to legal services. We not only have legal services, but also are in advocacy as well as organizing. For a more in depth background of the organization please visit our website or contact us at 

The services we offer are: 

  • General Consultation 
  • DACA Renewals 
  • Citizenship
  • Family Petitions
  • Removal Defense
  • Adjustment of Status 
  • Special Immigration Juvenile Status 
  • U Visa/ T Visa, and other matters 

CARECEN is on campus every Wednesday and Thursday for appointments. 

To make an appointment to meet with our legal staff, please click on the Make an Appointment tab.

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