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Undocumented Students Services

Undocumented Students Services

We are open through a hybrid mode of operation by providing both in-person and online services. The Bronco Dreamers Resource Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. To make an appointment with our staff, please click here

Come on in to get assistance, make an appointment with our legal team (to renew DACA, or receive immigration services), receive free printing services, study, or use a computer.

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General Info

General Information

Welcome to the BDRC

Main Phone: (909) 869-2728
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DACA Update

DACA Update
As of June 1, 2023

On June 1st, Judge Hanen, from the Southern District of Texas, heard several hours of oral argument on the current DACA lawsuit. No decision has been issued yet. For now, DACA remains in place, and we encourage DACA recipients to continue renewing their DACA and pursuing all of the benefits DACA provides, including advance parole. The BDRC encourages members of the CPP community to renew their DACA within 150 -180 days.

The CSU position remains unchanged; we are committed to protecting student privacy, and our admissions, financial aid, and campus services are not impacted by immigration policy.

Please be assured that the CPP’s immigration legal partner, CARECEN is available to provide free legal services to students, staff, and faculty.  Additionally, the CPP Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) are prepared to support students with their mental health needs.  


Donate to Dreamers

Dream Scholarship
This scholarship was started with a goal to help all students receive a quality and equal education regardless of their immigration status.  With the will of one student, then president of the Mexican American Student Association—Ricardo Ortega, and support from his family and friends the scholarship was started in the spring of 2006.  Now his dream continues gaining support from Cal Poly Pomona administrators and students alike, who see the strength and importance of this scholarship and share its initial goal. By contributing to the Dream Scholarship, you will help fund the tuition of undocumented students.

Donate to Dream Scholarship

Undocumented Students Services
The Undocumented Students Services supports the holistic success (academic, personal, professional) of undocumented students at Cal Poly Pomona. Its purpose is to educate the community about current issues and to convene campus allies in a dialogue of student success. By donating to the Undocumented Students Services, you will contribute to on-going programs and student staffing.

Donate to Undocumented Student Services