Graduate Studies


Graduate Studies Forms

Purpose of the Form:

  • This report certifies that a graduate student has successfully completed all components of the Culminating Experience for the designated degree as specified in the Catalog;
  • This form is to be filed electronically by the project, thesis, or dissertation committee chair or the designated faculty member certifying completion of the culminating experience and will be kept by the Evaluations office as part of the student’s permanent file.

User guide for filing the report electronically (PDF)

Report of Culminating Experience (Online Form)

Purpose of the Form:

  • Amendment to Master’s contract (e.g., change in unit requirement for a class, add/delete courses listed on the contract, transfer of units from another University if not already listed on a Master’s contract);
  • To substitute a course on a Master’s contract for another course applicable to the Master’s program;
  • To request a Waiver of Residency if not enrolled the semester of graduation (Please note: the waiver of residency is not automatically approved. The student needs to show strong justification for not being  enrolled  the semester of graduation. The student must be in active status to be considered for waiver.
  • Change of Status from conditional to unconditional standing or dismissal from the degree program.

Graduate Academic Petition(PDF)

Purpose of the Form:

Continuing graduate students must file this form when:

  • Changing from one major field to another for the Master’s degree;
  • Changing from a certificate/credential objective to a Master’s degree objective
  • Adding a Master’s degree to a credential program

Supplemental Information (PDF) on filing a Petition to Change/Add Graduate Degree Objective

Petition to Change/Add Graduate Degree Objective(PDF)

Purpose of the Form:

  Undergraduate Students file this petition to request to receive graduate credit in upper division and 5000-level courses.

Request by an Undergraduate for Graduate Credit (PDF)

Purpose of the Form:

Graduate Students will file this petition to request a fee reduction for enrollment in 6990 for 0 units to complete project or thesis (valid only in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021).

Instructions: Open this pdf file in Adobe Acrobat, sign electronically using Adobe Sign and email to your committee chair or advisor for next approval.  Only Digital Signatures will be accepted. Final approved form can be emailed to  

Fee Reduction 6990 Petition (PDF) new updated form

University Forms

Purpose of Form:
To be used to request an absence of more than two consecutive semester s, but no more than 2 terms.

  • Candidates must be enrolled in the University during the semester in which they graduate. Students must submit a graduation application through Bronco Direct by the appropriate deadline. Please visit the   Registrar’s website for deadline dates and instructions on how to apply for graduation and pay for graduation fees online. The application is valid only for the semester for which it is submitted. Students failing to submit their application by the appropriate deadline may be required to graduate in a future semester.
  • Questions about the degree progress report should be directed to the student's   Transfer and Graduation Advisor (TGA).
  • Application to Graduate